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Thursday, April 17, 2008

GOTCHA! Pro-Abort Catholic Politicians Caught on Camera Receiving Communion

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Pope Benedict XVI, invoking the force of the Church's canon law, has forbidden Pro-Abortion Catholics from receiving communion. This especially applies to Pro-Abortion Catholic politicians, and it is nothing new. The same policy existed under Pope John Paul II, and Pro-Abortion Catholic politicians commit a mortal sin by receiving the sacrament. In this case, the act was planned and orchestrated by Pro-Abort politicians trying to make a statement. In an act that deliberately broke the Church's Canon Law, and slapped Pope Benedict XVI in the face, Senators John Kerry and Christopher Dodd were caught on camera. The statement was designed to tell Pro-Abortion Catholics nationwide that it's "okay" to receive communion in the Church because the Church's teaching on human life is irrelevant. If they could do it at a papal mass, than any Pro-Abort Catholic anywhere can do it...

Shame on them for doing this! They deliberately used the pope's visit to make a political statement. It's a statement the Church deems heretical. Senator Ted Kennedy on the other hand, also a Pro-Abort Catholic politician, had the good sense to respect the Church's teachings on communion by remaining in his seat. This is what Senators John Kerry and Christopher Dodd should have done IF they were honorable men. Their action today proves that this pope is nothing more than a political puppet to them, and his visit to the United States was nothing more than an opportunity to slap him in the face while making a political statement.