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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Papal Mass in Washington a Liturgical Disaster

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It was the good, the bad and the ugly. These three words describe the papal mass in Nationals Stadium today. The homily was good, of course, and so was the candle arrangement on the alter. The English liturgy was bad, but we've known that for years. In fact, Pope Benedict XVI was today subjected to a liturgical standard banned by the Vatican two years ago. The English speaking Church no longer has permission to use the current English translation of the mass. The only reason why English speaking Catholics don't use another translation is because one hasn't been approved yet. Don't blame the Vatican. It's been ready to approve a new version for years now. It's the English speaking bishops who are dragging their feet. But then we have the ugly, which is the only word that can accurately describe the music selection used in the stadium, which went against everything Pope Benedict XVI has ever written on liturgical music. The pontiff was a good sport about it. He tolerated it all with a smile, but anyone who knows anything about the man, knows he must have been cringing inside....

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