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Friday, April 18, 2008

Republican Lawmaker Insults Pope

( - Rep. Tom Tancredo – who vied for the Republican presidential nomination to make illegal immigration a priority issue – suggested in a House speech yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI is encouraging Latin Americans to come to the U.S. to bolster flagging membership in the Catholic Church.

The pontiff, asked by reporters on his flight to the U.S. Tuesday if he would address Hispanic immigration, said the U.S. must do "everything possible to fight ... all forms of violence so that immigrants may lead dignified lives."

Tancredo, a former Catholic, told House colleagues, "I would like to know what part of our lax immigration policy is considered 'violent.' I fail to see how accepting more refugees than any other nation while providing free health care, free education, free housing and free social service benefits to millions of illegal aliens in this country is any way 'degrading' to them or 'undignified.'"...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: You know, this really scuffs my armor!  I used to like Congressman Tancredo.  The story notes that he's a "former Catholic," and perhaps that has something to do with it.  It seems that the congressman is willing to jump to conclusions, and rush to judgment, on his former chief pastor all to quickly.

The pope is not advocating wide-open boarders with a Hispanic migration free-for-all.  He's talking about how immigrants are treated, both in our country, and in the country from which they came.  There is a reason why some people use desperate means to cross the border, and it usually has something to do with the fact that their own government in Mexico doesn't give a rat's tail about them.

Securing our southern boarder is going to take a whole lot more than a fence.  First things first, we do need to create a formidable barrier down there.  Second, we need to simultaneously create a well regulated and manageable work-program, in which migrant workers can be documented and tracked electronically.  Crossing the boarder illegally is dangerous.  That region is regularly patrolled by criminal bandits and predators from both sides of the Rio Grande.  Surly that is a big part of the "violence" the pope is referring to.  Third, we need to see to it that immigrants from other cultures fully assimilate into the United States culture.  This reduces bigotry and resentment among those who have lived here longer.  Fourth, our own government needs to work with the Mexican government in rooting out corruption, and reforming socialist policies that have raped the Mexican economy, and forced this massive illegal colonization problem were having here in the United States.   All of this works toward reducing violence toward immigrants.

Congressman Tancredo, the pope did not tell the United States to open the flood gates.  He did not tell Americans to allow illegal immigration.  Nor did he specifically refer to American immigration policy as "violent."  That sir, is an ASSUMPTION on your part, and I dare say you have ASSUMED in error.  Finally, to accuse the pope of saying this only because he's trying to bolster the Catholic population in the U.S. is insulting!  To accuse the pope of advocating that people break our laws, for nothing more than his own profit, is to call him a liar, a hypocrite and a thief.  If that's how you really feel Congressmen, then start the ball rolling to revoke his visa today, and send the INS to his hotel room tonight, so they can deport him back to Rome immediately!  Otherwise put a sock in it.  I seriously wonder how much of this is your own anti-Catholic bias talking.  In my experience, former Catholic often make the worst anti-Catholics.