Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are The End Times Upon Us?

Vatican Recognizes New Apparition of Mary!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Actually it's not that new. The apparition first appeared in 1664 and continued until 1718. The Church now gives official recognition to it. Why is this important? Because the apparition of the Blessed Virgin stressed the importance of regular attendance of the Sacrament of Confession, and indicated that the message of this apparition (along with public memory of the apparition itself) would be forgotten until the End Times. With the Church's official recognition of this apparition, and its reintroduction to the public, it can be reasonably assumed that the End Times are very close at hand. This corresponds with the Church's official recognition of the apparitions to Saint Faustina in the message of Divine Mercy, which also contains a prophecy that the Divine Mercy devotion would play an important role in the End Times. Together, along with the message of Fatima, a powerful image is painted of God's call to repentance for all of us...
(Remnant) - ...The sanctuary at Laus is called the "Refuge of Sinners" and it is, perhaps, due to its emphasis on the evil of sin that the message of Our Lady to Benoite has been all but "swept under the carpet" of Modernism in this our new age of "enlightened," "grown-up" Catholicism.

So, what follows is the story of the apparitions of Notre Dame Du Laus and the life of the seer, Benoite. As you read it, remember the place as we have described it above and try to imagine the strange, unearthly atmosphere that surrounds the hamlet, the message and the story. And then remember this: along with the account of the apparitions of Notre Dame Du Laus, there is also a prediction which states that the extraordinary events and message of Laus would be forgotten and ignored by the world for a very long time.

However, word of Laus would re-surface, the prediction states, at a point in time when the End Times were close at hand....

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