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Monday, May 12, 2008

More Anglicans Lean Toward Rome

(London Telegraph) - ...There is tremendous enthusiasm for Pope Benedict among Anglo-Catholics, who love his theological emphasis on beauty in the liturgy. He, in turn, is anxious to welcome them into the Roman fold....

.....It is these last people who are enduring the worst pain. They want to seize the hour while the chair of Peter is occupied by a brilliant theologian who recognises the special qualities of Anglo-Catholicism. They admire Benedict's boldness in removing the power of diocesan bishops to block the traditional Latin Mass and encouraging the setting up of congregations using only the 1962 Missal. Could he make similar arrangements for ex-Anglicans?......

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The article itself is a bit depressing, but it accurately depicts the current state of mind for traditionalists within the Anglican Communion. What's important to note here is that more Anglicans are thinking about this, and I have a feeling that this year's Lambeth conference is going to help focus things quite a bit, perhaps giving Anglo-Catholics the incentive they need to swim the Tiber.