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Monday, May 26, 2008

Overwhelming Support For The Chapel Veil!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Dear ladies, please take note of the chapel veil poll above. You'll notice immediately that the results indicate an overwhelming support (among men and women) for the chapel veil. The poll has significant responders, and represents a pretty good cross section of Catholic readers. From it we can conclude that an overwhelming MAJORITY of both men and women in the Catholic Church support the chapel veil. They want to see it! They want to bring it back! If ever there was a blinding indictment against the anti-veiling peer pressure so many of you lovely ladies have been subjected to, this is it. It seems that those who oppose the chapel veil are a very small (albeit very loud) MINORITY.

'The Catholic Knight' brings this poll to you lovely ladies as a service, and to let you know that YOU ARE LIBERATED! You are free to veil if you so choose, and you can do so knowing that the overwhelming vast majority of men and women in your parish will silently support your doing so. The opponents to the chapel veil may be loud and obnoxious, but they are a very tiny minority. You can now feel free to regard them as such.

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