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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Rising Star In The Vatican

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Archbishop Burke fully understands canon law, and the role of the episcopal office in enforcing it. He's publicly announced that no pro-abortion Catholic politician is allowed to receive communion in his archdiocese, and he has warned specific politicians (such as former presidential candidate John Kerry) not to present himself for communion there.

His swift action against Father Marek Bozek and St. Stanislaus Church proved not only prudent but absolutely necessary. The incident that resulted in the excommunication of Bozek and the parish board members was initially over disobedience and acts of schism. Two years later, Bozek participated in a ceremony at which two women were ordained to the priesthood by a group called Catholic WomenPriests. On Feb. 3rd of 2008, he said he would give Communion to anyone, including people who weren't Catholics. Bozek proved to be a loose canon, and the board members at St. Stanislaus Church were more than willing to assist him in his acts of disobedience, schism and heresy. Burke saw this coming before anyone else did, and acted accordingly, before this rogue priest could bring down scandal on the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Now it would appear the Vatican has seen the potential in Archbishop Burke, and has placed him in key positions that will shape the way the Catholic Church is governed in the years ahead. Pope Benedict XVI's influence is starting to take shape...
( - Pope Benedict XVI named St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke to two Vatican offices Tuesday, increasing Burke's already prominent stature in Rome.

Burke, a canon lawyer by training, was one of eight cardinals and archbishops worldwide who Benedict named to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, which interprets canon, or church, law.

The archbishop was one of three Americans and one of only two archbishops named to the council. The other men assigned to the council were all cardinals, four of them the heads of Vatican dicasteries, or agencies — an indication of the faith the Vatican has in Burke....

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