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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smoke of Satan

(New Liturgical Movement) - ...In other Italian news, Petrus has an exclusive interview with Cardinal Noe, the former papal Master of Ceremonies under Paul VI on through to the earlier years of John Paul II's pontificate, which addresses the question of what Paul VI was referring to in his famed "smoke in the sanctuary" remark.

On that question, Cardinal Noe reveals that Paul VI meant to speak of all those clergy, even bishops and cardinals, who poorly celebrated the sacred liturgy through an erroneous interpretation and application of Vatican II, and who thereby distorted the traditional liturgy of the Church.

Here is the relevant passage in Italian; the NLM will bring you a translation of this shortly:
“Voi di ‘Petrus’ avete fatto un bel colpo, perché sono in grado di rivelare, per la prima volta, cosa intendesse denunciare Paolo VI con quella affermazione. Ecco, Papa Montini per Satana intendeva classificare tutti quei sacerdoti o vescovi e Cardinali che non rendevano culto al Signore mal celebrando la Santa Messaa causa di una errata interpretazione e applicazione del Concilio Vaticano II. Parlò di fumo di Satana perchè sosteneva che quei preti che della Santa Messa facevano paglia in nome della creatività, in realtà erano posseduti dalla vanagloria e dalla superbia del Maligno. Dunque, il fumo di Satana altro non era che la mentalità che voleva stravolgere i canoni tradizionali e liturgici della cerimonia Eucaristica”.

The interview presents Cardinal Noe's clear affinity and love for Pope Montini. He speaks of his role as master of ceremonies during the time of the liturgical reform. He also spoke of the fact that the liturgy must always be celebrated with decorum and spoke highly of the manner in which Pope Benedict XVI celebrated the liturgy.

Cardinal Noe further notes that there is a need to "recover, and quickly" the sense of the sacred in the liturgy.

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