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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Traditional Anglicanism Is On The Rise

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) leads the charge toward apostasy, and the Anglican Communion continues to crumble over it, a new Anglican voice is starting to ring through with clarity. It is the voice of the Traditional Anglican Communion (or "TAC"). Having left the Episcopal Church in the 1970's over women's ordination, this splinter group of the Episcopal Church in the USA has now grown to an international movement. All over the world, Episcopalians/Anglicans are leaving the national churches affiliated with Canterbury, in favor of joining a TAC which is in full communion with the Apostolic deposit of faith. The TAC has entered into an official dialog with the Vatican over re-entering the Catholic Church as its own Rite. If (or when) these negotiations are successful, the TAC would most probably be reunited with their Anglican Catholic brethren currently sheltered in the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision (AUPP) of the Catholic Church.

Regardless of where traditional Anglicans end up, whether in the TAC or the AUPP, one thing is certain. The modernist influence over the Episcopal Church USA, and worldwide Anglican Communion, has taken its toll. The Anglican Communion is losing its most devoted members. Liberal Anglicanism is shrinking. The traditional spheres of Anglicanism (TAC and AUPP) are growing in size and influence. The faithful within Anglicanism are "voting with their feet," as they say, and the results are becoming more obvious with each passing year.

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