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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anglican Schism - Hot Air?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Amid strong words, high emotions, and what looked like the conservative majority in the Anglican Communion FINALLY growing a backbone, it would appear now the GAFCON meeting of over 250 Anglican bishops in Jerusalem will amount to little more than the bellowing of hot air.  It looks as if the last hope for worldwide Anglicanism just fizzled out, with conservative Anglican bishops unable to make the difficult choices necessary for combating the rise of militant homosexuality and feminism within the denomination.  The conference will near completion later this week simultaneously, and quite coincidentally, with a gay-pride parade scheduled for the streets of Jerusalem....
(America) - The news from Jerusalem, where 280 "orthodox" Anglican bishops are meeting before the Lambeth Conference, is something of a non-story. There are no plans, after all, for a split or schism.

Given that the Global Anglican Future conference (Gafcon) started with just such a prospect on the horizon, this is an important development with a potentially huge impact on the future possibility of "Bible-believing" Anglican Churches in developing countries co-existing in the future with the liberalising Anglican Churches of North America.

According to Ruth Gledhill, the London Times religion correspondent who is in Jerusalem, "the agenda is now reform from within rather than starting a breakaway conservative Anglican church". The de facto leader of the worldwide Anglican rebellion against gay bishops and same-sex marriages, the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, has said legal schism would be not only undesirable but impossible in practice....

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