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Monday, June 9, 2008

Canadian Liberalism Leads To Fascism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Can it happen in America? Yes! In fact, it can happen anywhere....
( - In a scathing editorial in the most recent issue of The Catholic Insight (CI), Fr. Alphonse de Valk, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, argues that the ideology of the "divinization" of the state that has historically been called "fascism", is fast encroaching on the rights and freedoms of religious believers in Canada.

De Valk bases his argument on the increasing number of instances where Canadian citizens are being forced to choose between their religious beliefs and the dogmas of the state.

It is a situation with which De Valk is himself intimately familiar. Currently his magazine is the defendant in an expensive and drawn-out human rights complaint. De Valk and Catholic Insight are being accused of having done nothing more than stated traditional Christian teaching on homosexuality - the very same "crime" that other religious citizens in Canada have been found guilty of and punished for by the state's human rights commissions.

De Valk begins his editorial by quoting a recent piece from REAL Women's magazine, which said that in Canada in the very near future "adoptions, social services such as nursing homes, religious-based schools, marriages, employment conduct, etc., carried out by religious organizations will be held to secular standards, not religious ones."

"One reason for this development," says the editor of CI, "is the demand of homosexual activists that everyone conform to their vision of equality rights. So much for the argument that legalizing same-sex 'marriage' would be of no concern except to homosexual activists."

Already in Quebec, observes Fr. De Valk, the Department of Education is replacing Christian ethics in schools with a course that teaches that Christianity is but one religion amongst many others. In so doing, he says, "the state dismisses parental rights and the formative role of Christian culture, and replaces it with secular sociology….In history this is called 'statism,' better known as fascism."...

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