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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conservative Anglicans Re-Open Door To Talks With Rome

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: With the restoration of traditional Anglicanism, comes a renewed opportunity for ecumenical talks with Rome. Previously, the Vatican warned Anglican bishops that they risk creating an insurmountable obstacle to dialog with the adoption of liberal policies toward female clergy and approval of homosexuality. Now with the emerging power-shift within the Anglican Communion putting control of the organization in the hands of traditionalists in Africa and Asia, the possibility of further talks with Rome becomes a reality again.

The Catholic Church has already established an "Anglican Use Pastoral Provision" for Anglo-Catholics who left the Episcopal Church USA after the first round of liberal revisionism in the late 1970s. Disaffected Episcopalians still have the opportunity to enter the Catholic Church, under this provision. Speculation has it that this is a trial run, a 'test tube' or 'incubator' if you will, of which may eventually emerge a full-fledged Anglican Rite within the Catholic Church sometime in the future.