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Thursday, June 26, 2008

How To Vote Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The message of God's politics is not only for the United States, but all free nations. However, this message is particularly important for Catholic Americans. ALL Catholics, no matter how much, or how little, they practice the faith, have a moral responsibility to vote in a manor that is most compliant with God's politics. What is God's politics? Simply put, it is the way in which God's natural law (the law of nature) applies to man's political expression. For Catholics, this is particularly important, because the principles of God's politics are outlined and explained in the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

It does not matter if we are Democrats or Republicans. It would be better if Catholics held no allegiance to any political party. That being said, there is nothing inherently sinful about being a member of most political parties. Regardless of our political affiliations, or lack thereof, ALL Catholics are bound to the same basic voting principles....

  1. Human Life - All Catholics are bound by Church law to vote for a candidate that is the most "pro-life" of available choices. This prohibits Catholics from voting for candidates who are the most "pro-choice" (pro-abortion). Not all available candidates will be ideal, and none may be totally "pro-life," but that being said, Catholics are bound to vote for the one that is the "lesser of evils."
  2. Traditional Family - Catholics are bound by Church law to vote for a candidate who is the least threat to the traditional family. Gay-marriage and homosexual civil-unions are completely unacceptable and undermine the freedom and integrity of traditional married partners (man and woman). Therefore, Catholics are bound to vote for candidates who will uphold the traditional family, or at least those who are the least threat to it.
  3. Religious Freedom - Catholics are always bound by Church law to vote for candidates whom they know will not threaten the freedom of religion, or the rights of individuals to practice their religion.
  1. School Choice - Catholics are called to vote for politicians who will protect and support the rights of parents to educate their children in the best manor they see fit. This means parents should not only have the freedom to educate their children in private and religious schools, or in home schools, but they should also have the financial liberty to make that choice. Public funding of such schools, or public reimbursement to parents, should be a Catholic priority.
  2. Universal Healthcare - Catholics are called to care for their neighbor, and this means in our public lives, as well as our personal lives. No person should be without basic healthcare, which includes (but is not limited to) preventative medicine. Socialized medicine (where the government controls everything) does present significant problems and is not always the best possible solution. However, solving this problem in some way should be a Catholic priority, and Catholics should be open to creative alternatives.
  3. International Peace - Catholics are called to avoid unnecessary wars. However, while the Catholic Church has condemned various military actions in the past, it acknowledges that it is ultimately up to national leaders to decide when a war is "necessary" or not. This leaves room for Catholics to disagree on the matter. That being said however, avoiding international conflicts, that involve bloodshed, should always be a Catholic priority.
  4. Affordable Energy - Catholics have recently been faced with the reality that high-cost energy prices, particularly in the area of oil and gasoline, are a major culprit behind the starvation and death of the poor in third-world nations. Therefore, while Catholics must seek to be good stewards of the environment, they must not do so at the expense of human life. Expensive energy = expensive food = starvation of the poor. Therefore, Catholics should make affordable energy a priority.
Hopefully this basic guide of Catholic voting has helped you this election year. If you would like to review a Catholic analysis of the 2008 presidential candidates, you can do so by clicking here.