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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Next Mr. President?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is the result of Republican insiders working to get McCain nominated for president. He's such a weak candidate, he virtually CANNOT win, unless Democrats cross over and vote for him in massive numbers. I don't see that happening. The only one who can torpedo Obama's campaign is Hillary Clinton, and as of tonight, it looks like she's cutting some deals with the man. So unless Bill and Hillary covertly work to destroy Obama, he will be the next president.

McCain's troubles would be bad enough if all he had to worry about was his own reputation, but I'm afraid it's worse than that for him. Now Libertarian candidate Bob Barr is cutting into the Republican Party's fiscal conservative base, snatching away the 5% to 8% he desperately needs to compete with Obama in any kind of viable way. Privately, Republicans on Capitol Hill are preparing for a Democratic landslide. They fully expect to be dealing with an Obama presidency by late January, and they're no longer talking about strategies to win seats in the Congress. Right now they're talking about a Republican stop-loss strategy in the House and Senate for November. If you listen to the Republican leadership right now, they keep talking about a "robust minority" in 2009 that should be able to "keep an Obama presidency in check." As much as they're trying to put a positive spin on this, it doesn't sound that good to me. Now we have the following story from the Washington Times. Let's face it, barring a miracle, McCain is toast, and the Republicans will be lucky of they can get out of this election cycle alive.
(The Washington Times) - Bob Barr's Libertarian presidential campaign is poised to play a serious role in this year's elections, with early polls showing him taking away enough votes from Sen. John McCain to give Democrats a chance to win states that should be safely Republican.

Polls in Georgia and North Carolina over the last two weeks show Mr. Barr winning 8 percent and 6 percent respectively of the presidential vote, and in both cases helping keep likely Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama within striking distance of Mr. McCain in those states — which, taken together, account for more electoral votes than Florida, Pennsylvania or Ohio.

"Barr does throw a monkeywrench in Republican plans in states people otherwise take for granted as Republican states," said Matt Towery, a former political adviser to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and CEO of InsiderAdvantage, an Atlanta-based polling and political analysis firm that conducted the Georgia poll...

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