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Monday, June 9, 2008

Should Canadians Try This Experiment?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In light of the recent ruling from the Canadian 'Human Rights Tribunal' that effectively banned freedom of religion in Canada when it comes to Christian moral teachings on sexuality, I'm just wondering what would happen if the following chain of events actually occurred. It's more of a curiosity to me than anything else. 
  1. Suppose Christian activists in Canada coordinated with local Muslims to make a public demonstration. 
  2. A coordination in which a group of 20-30 Christian activists stood in a public place, holding up signs, and shouting Bible verses that condemned homosexuality. 
  3. Then the next day, the Muslim activists did the same thing, except their signs and shouts quoted passages condemning homosexuality in the Koran.
  4. The two protests would have to be conducted in an exactly identical way, except one is done by Christians, the other by Muslims.
I wonder what would happen?

Would the Canadian government treat the Muslims the same way as the Christians?  Would the Muslims be brought up before the 'Human Rights Tribunal' on the same charges of "hate speech" as the Christians?  

If so, the Canadian government would at least be consistent in their fascist policies, but then they would have to deal with the outrage of the Canadian Islamic community.  Since Muslims have a better reputation than Christians of protesting injustice toward their religion, they might actually be able to get something positive done.  Toward that end, Christians could join them in their effort.  

If, however, the Canadian government does not deal with the Muslim protesters in the same way as the Christian protesters, prosecuting the Christians and letting the Muslims go for fear of inciting Muslim outrage, then we have a clear case of state-sponsored discrimination based entirely on religion.  The Christian activists could then sue the Canadian government for state-sponsored bigotry, and maybe get the whole fascist system overturned.  Perhaps also, the Muslim activists could help the Christians to this end.

It would be an interesting experiment to say the least, and plenty of video documentation would need to be made, along with obtaining good legal representation.  I wonder if any Christians and Muslims in Canada have the guts to try it.