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Monday, June 9, 2008

Traditional Catholicism Is Hope For Crumbling Western Civilization

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The above photo from the World War II era gives us a perfect picture of the state of Western Civilization today. In the background the city crumbles under the assault of Satanic forces against our Christian society. The Church itself has been damaged with an entire wall missing. But the alter of the Lord remains untouched, as the priests defiantly continue in the same practice they always have, seemingly undismayed by the destruction around them, as they worship God with reverence and beauty.

Here we have a picture from an age gone by that speaks to our generation today. It's image tells a story that could just as well be our own. In many ways, it is our own. Our society has been ravaged. Our culture decimated by the forces of hell, and in the mists of it all, the historic Tridentine mass returns, to defiantly face down the gates of hell, and restore order to our civilization.

That's how this image speaks to me anyway. How does it speak to you? What do you see in it?