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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anglican Use Parishes Are Thriving!

(Catholic Online) - As many of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion meet at their Lambeth conference, Christians throughout the world pray and watch with deep concern.

The global Anglican communion and its American expression, the Episcopal Church, has been beset with division arising over fundamental doctrinal issues which, to orthodox Christians whether they are Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, derive from the very heart of the Christian revelation.

The late Servant of God, Pope John Paul II responded to the growing requests from priests, deacons and the lay faithful of the Anglican Communion, and its expression in the United States the Episcopal Church.

He instituted what is called the “Pastoral provision”, and placed it under the jurisdiction of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. The “Pastoral provision” has provided a means for Anglican or Episcopal Priests, married or celibate, seeking to come into the full communion of the Catholic Church, to be considered for Ordination in the Catholic Church.

Though it has been in effect for almost three decades, most Catholics do not even know of its existence.That may soon change! The now annual "Anglican Use" Conference recently concluded in San Antonio Texas, the home of one of the most noted "Anglican Use" parishes, "Our Lady of the Atonement". In addition the effort has given birth to the "Anglican Use Society".

The “Pastoral Provision” also authorized the establishment of what are called "Personal Parishes". These are sometimes called “Anglican use” parishes. They have been constituted in several places in the United States and are thriving. I have had the privilege of attending Holy Mass at one of their parishes and was deeply moved by its beauty....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Yes, they are thriving, and I'll tell you why. Listen closely everyone, because I'm going to say it loud and clear. The Anglican Use parishes are thriving because....


They're hungry for good liturgy, sound teaching, and most of all to hear the word of God taught for what it truly is, not some watered-down P.C. version of it. The people of God aren't looking for the newest and trendy highway to the future. The people of God know that in order to reach the future in one piece, they must be firmly anchored to the past. Some things should never change. Morality doesn't change. The doctrines of the Church do not change. And the liturgy of the Church, while it can change, it should not abandon it's links to the past, and when it does change, it should not change too much.

The people of God are hungry to return to an era of common sense, reasonable faith and absolute moral truths. They want a liturgy that strongly ties them with the Christians of the past, in continuity, with beauty and solemnity. They're tired of the contemporary nonsense they can just as easily hear on Christian radio. There is a place for all of that, but not in the mass. That's why the Anglican Use parishes are thriving, and that's why they will continue to thrive for decades to come. It's also why the Tridentine liturgy is thriving as well, and Catholics are turning back to time-honored customs such as the Rosary, Divine Office, and the Stations of the Cross. It's also why Traditional Catholicism is on the rise, and will continue to expand and flourish in the years ahead. The people of God are hungry. They go where the food is.