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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Archbishop Of Canterbury Sides With Liberals?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: He may not actually be saying it, but by coming out against the conservative majority in the Anglican Communion, he is in effect siding with the Liberals. This stance will result in certain failure at the Lambeth Conference, pushing the Anglican Communion into formal schism.

It is Rowan Williams lack of action, compounded with 30+ years of Liberalism run amok, that has brought the Anglican Communion to this point. The Archbishop of Canterbury has a difficult choice to make this month, and if he doesn't make it, it will be made for him. He can either jettison the Anglican branches in North America (ECUSA & ACC) or else the majority of Anglicans in the third-world will be jettisoned by his lack of action. What the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't seem to realize is that this crisis has gone well beyond the stage of negotiations. There will be no negotiations. Either the Archbishop of Canterbury will defend Biblical orthodoxy, or the Anglican Communion will be permanently shattered.
(The Guardian) - The Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday accused rebel Anglicans who have launched a breakaway faction within the global communion of lacking legitimacy, authority and, by implication, integrity.

Breaking his silence over the threat to the unity of the 77 million-strong communion, Dr Rowan Williams warned leaders of the conservative coalition that "demolishing existing structures" was not the answer to their concerns....

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