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Friday, July 11, 2008

Attention California Homeschoolers - Come To Missouri!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  This is a message for all persecuted Christian homeschooling families in the State of California.  Get out of there!  The state capital has been overrun by homofascist christophobes who are hell-bent on brainwashing your kids in the California public schools.  'The Catholic Knight' left California about 15 years ago because I saw trends moving in this direction.  Now, like a bad prophetic nightmare, my suspicions have come true.

California homeshoolers can find refuge in the Midwestern and Southern states, but particularly in Missouri.  The state of Missouri is very friendly to homeschooling, with a robust legal defense for homeschooling families.  The State of Missouri actually supports homeschoolers, and state law specifically protects a homeschoolers religious rights.  You can download a PDF on Missouri homeschooling law here.  Homeschooling organizations and support groups are plentiful in Missouri.  You can learn more about them here.

Of all the Midwestern and Southern states, Missouri is probably the most comparable to California, minus the ocean of course.  If you're looking for a strong conservative Christian environment, consider the Southwest corner of the state - like Springfield and surrounding areas.  The cost of living there is significantly lower than in California.

The Northern part of the state is predominately Lutheran and Catholic.  Major cities include Kansas City, Columbia, Independence, Jefferson City and Saint Louis.  Saint Louis is known as the "Rome of the West" because of the thriving Catholic population that once flourished there.  It is also the home of one of the largest Cathedral Basilicas on the North American continent.  The Missouri River was once known as the "Rhine of the West" because of the large number of German Lutherans and Catholics who settled the region.  Northern Missouri is wine country, as the landscape is covered with vineyards surrounded by forrest.

The Southwest corner area is predominately Baptist and Pentecostal (Assemblies of God), with a smattering of Methodist and nondenominational churches.  While the Catholic population is a minority, it is also growing at breakneck speed.  There is a Catholic parish in nearly every large town, and there are multiple Catholic parishes in Springfield.  Saint Agnes Cathedral offers traditional Latin masses (Extraordinary Form) on all Sundays and on most weekdays.

There is plenty of entertainment in the area, as well as lakes and forests.  Branson Missouri is considered the entertainment capitol of the Midwest and boasts of a Christian family centered culture.

'The Catholic Knight' encourages all Christian homeschooling families from California to seek refuge in the State of Missouri, and become active in our homeschooling legal defense network.  If you're Christian and a homeschooler, you won't be disappointed.

Please forward this emergency message to all homeshoolers in the State of California. Here's the link...