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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Liberals Framing The Anglican Debate

“Jesus forbids hate altogether, and will not allow it any rightful place in our hearts. As Yoda said to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: ‘Fear leads to anger, anger to hate and hate to the dark side’.” - Anglican Archbishop of York, 7/13/2008, - source

After they were turned out, the protesters unfolded banners with slogans saying "Church of Hate! Stop Crucifying Queers!", "Defend gays, fight Christian bigots" and "Anglicans Repent Your Homophobia". - Gay Protesters, 7/2/2008, - source

Why do so many pious men, who profess to be working in the name of God, hate women so much? - Online Columnist, 7/13/2008, - source
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Like a spoiled teenage girl, the liberals of the Anglican Communion are hearkening back to the old "hatred" and "intolerance" argument. Imagine for a moment, a 14 year-old girl asking her father if she can stay out till midnight on a date with an 16 year-old boy. Naturally, the father says "no." The teenage daughter responds angrily "Why do you hate me!?!"

Such is the case with Liberal Modernists in general, but this week it is particularly the case with Liberals in the Anglican Communion as they hope to frame the debate about homosexuality and female clergy in the template of "hatred" and "intolerance." It's an old move, to be sure, but historically an effective one. The template is simply this. "Give us what we want, or else you hate us."

In the analogy of the teenage girl, asking her father to stay out until midnight with an older boy, the father's motivation for his negative reply was not hatred at all, but rather love. He knows the intentions of teenage boys, because he once was one. He knows late hours only beckon for heated temptations. He knows that if his little girl allows herself into that vulnerable situation, she might do something she later regrets, and possibly pay a hefty consequence for it. In reality, the father is trying to protect his daughter. He's saying "no" because he loves her, and he doesn’t want her to destroy her self-respect in a situation that is totally avoidable. But the immature teenage daughter sees things differently. She sees here father's negative reply as an obstacle to what she wants, and so she banters the word "hate" as a weapon, hoping her father will give into the pressure and give her what she wants.

Now a real father would hold his ground, knowing that the only way to truly love his daughter is to deny her what she wants for her own good. Only a weakling sycophant would give in, and allow his young teenage daughter to stay out until midnight with an older teenage boy, for fear that his daughter will think he "hates" her if he doesn't. Now a father who holds his ground will take some hard knocks from his daughter's words. She'll accuse him of hatred. Then she'll say she hates him. Then she may even throw a tantrum, run to her room, and cry. But if he's a good father, he will hold his ground, and when she's 24, she will thank him for it.

A similar situation is unfolding in the Anglican Communion right now, and it serves as an object lesson for Roman Catholics. By refusing to accept homosexuality and the ordination of female clergy, the conservatives in the Anglican Communion are attempting to hang on to some resemblance of the apostolic and catholic faith. They know these things defy the plain teaching of Scripture and historic Christian tradition. They know that such things will eventually destroy those who advocate them, as as the whole Anglican Communion. So like the good father, they say "no," and hold their ground. However, by doing so, just like the teenage girl, the Liberals are now crying foul, claiming the conservatives really "hate" them, because they "hate" homosexuals and women.

The argument is ridiculous, illogical, and couldn't be further from the truth. Conservative Anglicans should not allow them to frame the debate in this way. Hopefully, they will be able to put this accusation down for the silly immature and adolescent tantrum it really is. Nevertheless, we Catholics can learn a lot by what's unfolding in the Anglican Communion, for Liberal Modernists try to use this same strategy in our own Church. The only difference is, we in the Catholic Church have the hierarchical structures needed to appropriately deal with it.