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Sunday, July 13, 2008

McCain Reaches Out To Catholics - Obama Avoids Them

(CNA) - John McCain is preparing to ramp up his efforts to reach out to Catholic voters with a “very, very aggressive” campaign, spearheaded by his newly created Catholic Outreach Coalition.

Frank Donatelli, the Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee, spoke to reporters and Catholic media on a conference call this morning about the efforts that the McCain campaign is planning to reach Catholic voters.

Donatelli described the Catholic Outreach Coalition, chaired by Sen. Sam Brownback and Frank Keating, as “first-rate” and said that it will be “very well-funded.”

Calling McCain’s Catholic campaign "very, very aggressive," Donatelli said it will involve literature, sending speakers to parishes and Catholic gatherings, a direct mail program and statements by Sen. McCain on issues of concern to Catholics.

The coalition plans to explain to Catholic voters how McCain is a stalwart opponent of abortion, has a strong appreciation for the social conscience of the world and that he is in favor of an immigration policy that defends the nation’s borders but also is humane in its treatment of illegal immigrants....

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(CNA) - ...The Detroit-based radio show, hosted by Al Kresta, founder of Ave Maria Communications and best-selling Catholic author, wanted to invite both Mark Linton and Deal Hudson, the director of, onto his radio show. Nick Thomm, the producer for Kresta’s show, explained to CNA, “[Linton] is the National Catholic outreach guy and he disagrees with Deal Hudson over the facts surrounding Obama’s record on abortion. So we figured we’d have them both on the show to hash it out.”

Hudson has written several articles questioning Obama’s stance on abortion and infanticide due to his refusal to pass the Born Alive Infant Protect Act in the Illinois Senate. Linton responded on July 4 by sending out an email criticizing Hudson and attempting to clarify Obama’s abortion position.

After successfully contacting Hudson, Thomm was unable to find a contact number for Linton on the party’s website. When he contacted Obama’s Senate office, he told that they couldn’t give out Linton’s phone number and that he would have to send Linton an email.

After sending Linton an email on Monday afternoon and another Tuesday morning, Thomm called Senator Obama’s office once again to try and reach Linton in time for Kresta’s 4 p.m. (ET) radio show.

Thomm explained that when he called Obama’s senate office he told the Obama staffer, “we have no choice but to think that he’s trying dodge us. He’s supposed to be a National Catholic Outreach coordinator and we’re a Catholic radio show, so who’s he doing outreach to?”

“We never heard back from him and so we just went ahead and did the show...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I can't really blame the Obama camp for reacting this way. After all, their candidate stands squarely against the teachings of the Catholic Church on the most important moral issues of the day. His views and positions are indefensible from a Catholic point of view. If I were his "National Catholic Outreach Coordinator," I would run and hide too.

Having said that, I think it's only fair to point out that John McCain is no prize either. He's a very weak Pro-Lifer at best, if not a moderated Pro-Choicer. It's his views on embryonic stem-cell research that are the real sticking point with McCain. He stands squarely against the teachings of the Church on that one issue, and Catholics should call him on the carpet for it. Nevertheless, the man's views on abortion are far more reasonable than Obama's views, who believes that abortions should be allowed all the way up to the ninth month of pregnancy, and that your tax dollars should pay for it. Though McCain is weak on issues of Catholic social justice, he has at least a little something in those areas where it counts the most. This is something Obama just cannot boast of.  McCain's aggressive outreach to Catholics is a gutsy move for such a weak candidate, but I believe it will earn him some brownie points in the long run.