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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Now Eastern Orthodox Condemn Anglicans On Female Bishops

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Now the Eastern Orthodox Christians have joined in the chorus of condemnation coming down on Anglican churches for their choice to abandon the apostolic and catholic faith by ordaining women priests and bishops, along with gay clergy and gay marriages...
(Virtue Online) - The Moscow Patriarchate expressed concern about the Anglican Synod's decision yesterday to ordain women to the episcopate. "Undoubtedly, this decision is an utterly unhealthy step in the inter-Christian dialogue, as it further alienates the Anglican Communion from the Apostolic tradition", Fr Igor Vyzhanov, head of the secretariat for Inter-Christian Relations of the MP Department for External Church Relations, stated to an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Tuesday.

Fr Igor also said that the Anglican Synod's decision to ordain women to the episcopate "is a very painful blow to the unity of the Anglican Communion, as it aggravates the division amongst Anglicans.

Unfortunately, the decision was predictable because very liberal tendencies prevail in many Christian Churches today, particularly in the Anglican Communion", he said.

In the late 19th to the early 20th centuries, the Orthodox saw the Anglican Church as "the closest to us amongst the western Christian Churches", he said. "A very serious dialogue resulted, leading to hopes that good relations between the Orthodox and Anglicans would have good prospects", Fr Igor said. "If we look at documents of that time, one simply cannot believe that it was the same church then, because, now, regretfully, we see how the Anglican Communion increasingly abandons the traditional understanding of church life", he said.

In his opinion, the present decision of the Anglican Communion manifests "the tendency of secular European thought to follow everything through to its logical conclusion". Fr Igor emphasised that church life and the sphere of religious faith "is not the place to apply the rational logic of secular society". In this connection, he quoted the words of a well-known philosopher that said, "Any thought carried through to its logical conclusion becomes an absurdity". "We see what absurd results flow from an application of liberal ideas to, for example, Christian moral standards", Fr Igor said....

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