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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Anglicans Have Found Refuge

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the turbulence rocking the Anglican Communion right now, some Anglicans are totally at peace, and completely sheltered from the tempest outside. Who are they? They are the Anglican-Use Catholics. These are Anglicans who left the Episcopal Church USA, and the Church of England, for pastoral refuge under the pope. They were accepted of course, and they've been practicing Anglican liturgy under the protection of the Catholic Church for 25 years now. These Anglican Catholics don't have to worry about female clergy and homosexuality, because none of that nonsense is permitted in the Catholic Church. All they have to do is just focus on being Anglican in their approach to Catholic Christianity, and take that treasure to the world unhindered by the liberal relativism now plaguing the Anglican Communion. They're about to have a major conference in San Antonio Texas this July. Here is the website for the conference.

You can learn more about Anglican Catholic life here at Atonement Online.