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Monday, July 7, 2008

Traditional Anglicans Should Wake Up - Liberals Now Rule The Anglican Communion

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Traditional Anglicans should wake up and smell the coffee. It's over. The liberal feminists and homosexuals have won. They now control the entire western arm of the Anglican Communion, and they're not going to let go. They don't care about traditionalist dissent, as is evidenced by the way they govern the churches they control with an iron fist. They ignore all voices of dissent, and simply plod along with their radical agenda as if they didn't exist. They don't care if traditionalists leave the Anglican Communion, and in some cases, they would actually prefer that they do. Such an exodus will only help them advance their agenda even further.

The Anglicans in the developing world (some 58 million of them) have disowned the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada, at the 'Global Anglican Future Conference' (GAFCON) meeting in Jerusalem last month. Regardless of the future of the Anglican Communion, U.S. Episcopalians and Canadian Anglicans no longer share communion with most of the Anglican world, unless they leave the "apostate" organization for an parish that is part of the 'Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans' (FOCA).

Still worse, the Church of England has now fractured, thanks to the relentless march of radical liberalism. Some 1300 priests, along with at least a handful of bishops have vowed to leave the Church of England now that the national synod has voted to ordain women bishops without "safeguards" for traditional Anglicans who object. Simultaneously, many Anglican bishops have held secret talks with Vatican officials about returning to Rome under the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision (now 25 years old), or perhaps a fully restored Anglican Rite.

Regardless of the outcome now, one thing cannot be denied. The end of an era has come, and the Anglican Communion has now ceased to exist as we know it.

Guess what? While the liberal modernists are "hurt" about the impending exodus, make no mistake, it is only because they'll be losing a head count (and subsequent tithes) on Sunday mornings. Beyond that, they're "hurt" really isn't so bad. In fact, for some of them, their "hurt" is only consoled by their overwhelming joy that they will finally be rid of the traditionalist dissenters that have been slowing them down.

So what is the lesson behind all of this? It's simple really. Catholicism, outside of apostolic episcopal oversight, just doesn't work. It falls easily prey to the forces of liberal modernism just as the Protestant denominations do. Only one Church has demonstrated the capability to reform, heal and repair itself. It is the Roman Catholic Church, by means of the Holy Spirit working through the apostolic succession of St. Peter via the pope in Rome. Catholicism fell victim to the same liberal modernism Anglicanism did in the later half of the 20th century. The difference is that Catholicism identified the threat and effectively moved to counter it. Whereas Anglicanism was simply overrun by it. All attempts to counter it failed. Now the best chance third-world Anglicans have at saving themselves is by cutting themselves off from those Anglican churches in the western world that are corrupted beyond repair.

As for the remnant of traditional Anglicans in the western world, they are truly in a quandary. Only two options remain for them now. They can either break from their national churches, and join a FOCA parish. Or they can divest themselves of all traces of Protestantism to join the Catholic Church as 'Anglican Catholics,' under the 'Anglican Use Pastoral Provision,' with the hope of that one day becoming the full 'Anglican Rite' of the Catholic Church. The time to choose has come. No longer can Anglicans straddle the fence. They must stand up and be counted.

'The Catholic Knight' offers this additional observation. FOCA has as it's objective the primary goal of reforming the Anglican Communion. In other words, FOCA seeks to take it over. However, the liberal modernists controlling the Anglican churches in North America, and the Church of England, will not give it up. They will defend their power with every religious and legal means at their disposal. Because they have already demonstrated (by their heterodoxy) that they are perfectly content to break established norms, rules and laws as it conveniences them, we should not be surprised to discover what depths they will sink to hang on to power and advance their agenda. While the goals of FOCA are admirable, in the face of such sentinel opposition, the existence of this organization can only result in one of two things. It will either (1) crumble and become impotent, or it will (2) result in total schism from Canterbury to set up a rival Anglican Communion. 'The Catholic Knight' observes that the only effective and sure way for traditional Anglicans to rid themselves of this liberal modernist baggage forever, is to return to Rome, and seek the Anglican Rite. As Anglican Catholics, one thing is certain. They will never have to worry about the Church accepting feminism and homosexuality ever again. As the whole western world moves toward fully embracing these things, the Roman Catholic Church moves away from them. That is a sign and gift from God.