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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vatican Confirms: Anglican Communities To Be Welcomed Back Into Catholic Church

(Telegraph) - The Catholic Church will expand its provision of "Anglican Use" parishes in the United States in order to allow whole communities of traditionalist Anglicans into the Roman fold, a senior Catholic archbishop has announced.

The Most Rev John J Myers, Archbishop of Newark and Ecclesiastical Delegate for the Pastoral Provision, told a conference of ex-Anglicans on Friday that "we are working on expanding the mandate of the Pastoral Provision [of Catholic parishes using Anglican-inspired services] to include those clergy and faithful of 'continuing Anglican communities'.

"We are striving to increase awareness of our apostolate to Anglican Christians who desire to be reconciled with the Holy See. We have experienced the wonder of several Episcopal bishops entering into full communion with the Catholic Church and we continue to receive requests from priests and laity about the Pastoral Provision."

This is big news, and makes nonsense of the claim that Pope Benedict wants to dissuade Anglo-Catholics from converting. The obvious interpretation of the Archbishop's words is that the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), a "continuing church" which has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide (though few in the UK), will eventually be given its own Catholic parishes which use a Eucharistic Prayer incorporating Cranmerian language....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What we are witnessing here is the beginning of the end for the Reformation. As the Anglican Communion implodes over the tyranny of relativism and the trends of liberal modernism, it is merely cutting the trail for the rest of Protestantism to follow along. So as the Anglican Communion goes, so goes the rest of Protestantism. Just give it enough time.

As liberal modernism destroys Protestant churches, one after another, many conservative splinter groups will be formed, but in time, many of these same conservatives will start to realize something. They will realize the only visible institution standing up to liberal modernism is the Catholic Church. Because of this, many of them will eventually convert.

We've seen it going on among the Evangelicals for years now. Evangelical converts, such as Scott Hahn and Steve Ray, have chronicled this trend for some time. Now it's the Anglicans crossing the Tiber.  Though we could say that this has been going on for decades as individual conversions. But for the first time in history, the pope is now providing a way for large Anglican parishes to convert together as a group. This change will certainly spell the end for liberal Anglicanism in England, which is already floundering, as well as the United States and Canada.

The good news is that Anglicanism will be reborn anew within the Catholic Church. Only under Rome can Anglicanism ever hope to survive this century. Now it looks like that will happen.