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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vote For Obama = Mortal Sin

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Yes, these are harsh words, and I don't want them misunderstood. Let me make this clear. 'The Catholic Knight' does not endorse John McCain. I do not like John McCain, and I think he'll make a terrible president.

That being said, I believe Barack H. Obama will make a worse president, and based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, it would be a mortal sin to vote for him. Here is why...
  1. Barack Obama is a militant pro-abortion politician who believes abortion should be allowed all the way until the ninth-month of pregnancy, and tax dollars should pay for it.  While the Catholic Church clearly teaches that abortion is murder of innocent life, and therefore a mortal sin, which incurs an automatic excommunication on anyone who cooperates in procuring one.  The Church also denies the sacrament of holy communion to any Catholic who votes in favor of abortion, or who knowingly votes for an abortion politician.
  2. Barack Obama favors gay-marriage and gay adoptions.  While the Catholic Church clearly teaches that homosexual unions are wrong and that it is a grave mistake for the state to codify that kind of behavior with laws promoting gay-marriage.  Furthermore, the Church teaches that allowing homosexuals to adopt and raise children is a form of psychological child abuse.
  3. Barack Obama has almost a "messianic" appeal in the media, and his campaign has not distanced itself from this.  While the Catholic Church clearly teaches that messianic politics are dangerous and intrinsically evil.  No Catholic can believe in any "savior" other than Jesus Christ, and the very notion that America could have a political "messiah" of any kind is both anti-Catholic and un-American.  

The problem with Barack Obama goes down to the very core of what is wrong with the United States in general. We've become a nation that thinks nothing of killing pre-born babies and getting same-sex couples hitched. This has nothing to do with partisan politics. The Republicans are not much better than the Democrats. As the subtitle of a recent book so accurately said: "Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It."

If the Democrats want to know why they lost the 2000 and 2004 election, they need look no further than the quality of the candidates they put forward. Make no mistake about it, the Republicans also put up a candidate least likely to be president. With a candidate like George W. Bush, a Democratic victory in both elections should have been a sure thing. While Democrats like to point to the Florida debacle in the 2000 election, claiming that Bush "stole" it, the simple fact is that none of that would have ever happened if Al Gore had simply won his home state of Tennessee. Yes that's right, Al Gore lost his own home state of Tennessee to G.W. Bush in the 2000 election. He lost in Tennessee because he ran on a pro-abortion platform. You see, when Al Gore was elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee, he ran as a Democrat who opposed public funding of abortion. That's right folks. Al Gore only got elected to the U.S. Senate because he ran on a platform that opposed public funding of abortion. But as soon as he joined with Bill Clinton to run for vice president in 1992, he switched his position to match Bill Clinton's favor of public funding for abortion. That decision later came back to bite him when he ran for president in 2000. Had he simply held to his original position, he probably still would have been elected vice president in 1992, and then he would have easily won his own state in the 2000 presidential election. Thus the whole Florida election debacle in 2000 would have been irrelevant and Tennessee would have carried him into the Whitehouse that year. Pro-life Tennessee Evangelicals are seen as a primary factor influencing the outcome of the 2000 election.

That being said, one would think John Kerry should have snuffed G.W. Bush in the 2004 election, especially after Bush's Iraq nightmare. But the Kerry campaign went down in flames too, losing to G.W. Bush by a much wider margin than Al Gore. Pro-life practicing Roman Catholics in the State of Ohio are credited with being the deciding factor in that election.

Let's put aside the partisanship for a moment and face the truth. Al Gore and John Kerry lost to G.W. Bush for one reason and one reason only. Neither one of them could garner the support of Evangelicals and practicing Catholics. As hard as Obama may try, he will not gain their support either. The best thing Obama has going for him right now is the fact that he's running against John McCain, whom the Evangelicals and practicing Catholics are not enthusiastic about. If Obama wins in November, it will not be because he gained the support of Evangelicals and practicing Catholics, but rather because those groups simply chose to stay home on election day.

If we put aside the partisan rhetoric for a moment, and allow ourselves to be honest, we would have to admit something. If the Democratic Party ever nominated a truly pro-life and pro-family candidate for president, he would win a landslide victory against any Republican who opposed him. Let's face it. Former Democratic Senator Zell Miller would DESTROY Senator John McCain in a presidential race. An overwhelming majority of pro-life Evangelicals and practicing Catholics would vote for Zell in a heartbeat. 'The Catholic Knight' would do it. Such a man would be an example of a strong Democratic candidate for president. He would win in almost any scenario, and because of this, he is the Republican Party's worst nightmare. (Perhaps this is one reason why the GOP has historically been so kind to him.  It's the "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" routine.) A Democratic Zell Miller campaign for president would spell certain defeat for any Republican hopeful. Zell Miller is not the only plausible threat to the GOP lock on pro-life Evangelicals and practicing Catholics. There are at least four Democratic senators in the U.S. Senate that would qualify, and at least two Democratic governors who would also qualify. All of them staunchly pro-life.

For most Evangelicals and practicing Catholics, this isn't about party affiliation. This is about THE single most pressing question of our time. Will the United States of America continue to promote the unrestrained killing of innocent unborn babies within it's borders? It's the one single question that defines us as a nation. If the Democrats ever figure that out, they will not only start winning elections again, but they will control the U.S. Congress and Whitehouse for decades to come. But so long as they keep putting up candidates like Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama, they're going to have an uphill battle against the Republicans - even when the GOP nominates their weakest link (like John McCain for example) as their presidential candidate.

If you're a Catholic the answer is clear. You can't vote for Barack Obama unless you have no problem committing a mortal sin by voting for a man who will do everything within his power to kill as many pre-born babies as possible. I suppose if you don't mind visiting the confessional immediately after the polling booth, you could theoretically receive the sacrament once again the following Sunday. However, if that were your premeditated plan to begin with, one could question your sincerity during penance. 

Now please don't misunderstand. 'The Catholic Knight' is NOT telling anybody to go out and vote for John McCain. After all, I wouldn't tell others to do something that I myself am not willing to do. What I'm saying is that if you want to be a good Catholic, you shouldn't vote for Barack Obama. That means you could vote for literally anybody but him. Libertarian candidate Bob Barr would be one pro-life option. Constitutionalist candidate Chuck Baldwin is another. Independent candidate Alan Keyes is a third potential choice. Then again, you could always vote "none of the above" by intentionally leaving the presidential portion of your ballot blank - refusing to vote for any of the candidates. Or you could just stay home and forget the whole thing. Any of these options would do more to salvage your conscience, and prevent culpability, than voting for a man like Barack Obama, who is dedicated to killing as many pre-born babies as possible.

One thing we all must remember is this. We are Catholics first. Our party affiliations come second. You cannot be a Democrat before you are a Catholic. You are always a Catholic first. Catholics vote pro-life, or else they don't vote at all. Any Catholic who votes pro-choice (pro-abortion) sacrifices his/her Catholicism, and therefore ceases to be Catholic. You can't be Catholic and "pro-choice." The two are mutually contradicting philosophies. You must choose. It's either one or the other.  Don't believe me?  Check with the Church and see for yourself.