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Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Can Still Vote Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Please keep in mind that I'm not telling anyone who to vote for in this election. I only advise Catholics to vote against Barack Obama, because a vote for him would be nothing less than a mortal sin (read more here). That being said we don't have to vote for John McCain either. We can vote for Libertarian Bob Barr, Constitutionalist Chuck Baldwin, or for the one man who is the most Catholic option still in the race - Independent candidate Dr. Alan Keyes. That's because Dr. Alan Keyes IS a Catholic - a practicing Catholic. He is also a 3rd Degree Knight. I believe Alan has had such a rough time with the mainstream media specifically because of his Pro-Life and Pro-Family Catholic message. The media doesn't want to hear it, and even more so, they don't want us to hear it.  So they won't give him the time of day. This is where Catholic media needs to come in, and it's going to start right here on this blog. I happen to know that this blog is regularly monitored by some editors of major Catholic news outlets, and so I'm calling upon them right now to help this man get his message out. The following clip is just a short sampling of who Alan Keyes is, and what he's about. Please spread the word about him. Email this post to your friends and family. And as for the rest of you bloggers out there, please put up a link to this post, and do whatever else you can to help Dr. Keyes get his message out. The mainstream media WILL NOT do this for us. It's up to us to do it all by ourselves. So let's just see how powerful Catholic media really is. 

Now, I leave you with a few words from Dr. Alan Keyes...

Dr. Alan Keyes - Practicing Catholic and 3rd Degree Knight

You can visit the Alan Keyes website here. Right now Dr. Keyes is in desperate need of campaign contributions. Any little bit you can spare is better than nothing. There is even an option to contribute just $1.