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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

American Universities To Discriminate Against Graduates Of Christian Schools

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Behold the latest episode in the increasing persecution against Christians in the United States. Now the federal government has determined that public universities no longer need to recognize credits given by Christian (including Catholic) schools. Sending your children to a Christian or Catholic school will no longer improve their odds at getting into a public university, but rather, it may actually decrease their chances.

It's the latest episode in what appears to be an increasing trend toward persecution of Christians (especially Catholics) in the United States. This latest news should be viewed in context with the persecution mounted by the homosexual lobby against the religious freedom of Christians (read more here), which shut down Catholic Charities in California and Massachusetts.

The United States government is heavily influenced by the homosexual lobby, and is heavily invested into the abortion industry, two organizations most Christian churches stand squarely against. Because of this alliance the government has been pushing these agendas in the public schools, especially in states like California, which also has a heavy investment in the homosexual-abortion movement. Christian parents (including Catholic parents) have for years sought to bypass the homosexual-abortion influence, of the federal and state education system, by sending their children to religious schools, which happen to offer a higher level of education in most cases. Sadly, the homosexual-abortion movement has found a way to use the U.S. government to discriminate against children who graduate from such schools. Now, all that remains for graduates of religious schools is to apply for religious colleges, or else face discrimination by public universities.

Mark my words, the day will come, in the not-too-distant future, when degrees from Catholic and Christian universities will no longer be recognized by the federal and state governments. All of this is designed to discourage parents from sending their children to religious schools, and to encourage them to send them to state-run schools, where they can be fully indoctrinated by the homosexual-abortion agenda.

While 'The Catholic Knight' has some issues with the plaintiff, Calvary Chapel (read more here), I stand beside them in this case. It is quite obvious to me that Calvary Chapel, along with students from other Christian schools (including some Catholics), are victims of a state sponsored discrimination by the U.S. federal courts....
(The Christian Post) - A federal judge upheld the University of California's decision to deny students credit for some courses offered by Christian high schools, rejecting claims of discrimination and infringement of free expression.

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero of Los Angeles ruled against arguments from Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murrieta and Calvary Baptist School in La Verne and said UC's review committees cited legitimate reasons for rejecting the courses, which include English, history, government and religion.

The university's decision was constitutional, the judge said in a final ruling issued Friday, noting that the UC did not reject the specific courses because of "animus," or anti-religious bias. The ruling follows Otero's decision in March that upheld the university's system of approving high school classes.

Calvary Chapel and the Association of Christian Schools International filed a lawsuit in 2005 when UC did not give credit for some courses when considering students' eligibility for university admission. The Christian school argued that UC unconstitutionally treated Calvary students unequally compared to other students and denied to honor courses that had a "Christian viewpoint" or "any instance of God's guidance of history, or any alternative ... to evolution."

The lawsuit contends that the UC school system has refused to approve over 150 courses that were intended to be taught by Christian, Catholic, and Jewish high schools merely because they were to be taught from a religious viewpoint. Calvary Chapel and ACSI argue that the UC is attempting to force Christian schools to water down their teaching.

"It appears the UC is attempting to secularize private religious schools," attorney Jennifer Monk of Advocates for Faith and Freedom said Tuesday, in a released statement.

The federal judge, however, ruled that UC rejected the courses not because they contained religious viewpoints, but because they were too narrow to fulfill UC's entrance requirements....

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