Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best of John McCain at the Saddleback Civil Forum

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I must admit, 'The Catholic Knight' was impressed by John McCain's performance last night at Saddleback Civil Forum. McCain exceeded all expectations, while Barack Obama was (not surprisingly) a huge disappointment. Obama's performance was typically liberal. He relied heavily of non-specifics, generalities, and relativity. Obama's most notable quote came on abortion, when he said it was "above his pay scale" to decide matters of life and death, or right and wrong, in a mother's "choice." McCain was direct when he pointed out that life begins at conception and the rights of a person begin there. McCain also came out strongly for school-choice, and issue the pope has championed in recent years. His stand on gay civil-union was less then desired, but he came out strongly against gay marriage. He also plainly stated that though he opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment right now, he would turn around and support it if the federal courts ever tried to impose gay-marriage on states that voted against it. McCain hit all the high points of Catholic social doctrine, and scored well with them last night.