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Friday, August 22, 2008

Catholic Support for Obama Plunges - Faithful Turn Toward McCain

(CNA) - The latest Zogby poll shows support for Obama among Catholics remains low at 36 percent, while Catholic respondents support McCain at a rate of 45 percent.

A July 9 through 13 poll found that 47 percent of Catholics supported Obama...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Word about Obama's EXTREME pro-abortion record is getting out, and it's not setting well with Catholics. His outrageous support of infanticide (the killing of babies already born) in the Illinois senate is coming back to haunt him. This comes at a time when the Vatican is giving signals that a clamp-down is on the way that would deny communion to all pro-choice (pro-abortion) Catholics due to the seriousness of abortion as a grave sin.

This plunge in support among Catholics (from 47% to 36%) has not gone unnoticed by the Obama campaign, and it would appear that Barack Obama himself has been angling for a way to get the so-called "Catholic vote" back. Five of his top nine possible V.P. picks are "Catholics" - at least in name anyway. That being said, it would appear that there is a greater than 50% chance his vice presidential nominee will be a Cafeteria Catholic. Perhaps Obama believes that a candidate who calls himself a "Catholic" might be able to win back some of the much coveted Catholic vote. If it does, it should be noted that it will only be the most petty of all Catholics. That would be those willing to vote for a ticket simply because a supposed "Catholic" is on it, not because the ticket has anything to do with Catholic morality or social teaching. If anything, a Cafeteria Catholic on the Obama ticket will only highlight the struggle the U.S. Catholic Church faces with renegade Catholic politicians who have no regard for Church law nor apostolic teaching. It may even prompt the Vatican to move faster on it's plans to deny communion to all pro-choice (pro-abortion) Catholics.

One thing is certain. The Catholic Church (particularly the pope and the Vatican itself) is going to play a much bigger role in this U.S. election than in previous. The high likelihood of a Cafeteria Catholic being nominated to the second highest office of the land may serve to focus the issue. What does it mean to be a Catholic in America today? Is it good enough to just say you're "Catholic" and then oppose the Church on every major social issue of our time? Or do Catholics need to "walk the walk," as well as "talk the talk?" Catholics are not a mere ethnic group or minority class. You can't expect to get their votes just because you nominate a Catholic to run with you for president of the United States. The Catholic vote is a principled one - or at least it's supposed to be. It's a vote based on the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church, not on whether a candidate calls himself a "Catholic." Democrats like Obama should take a lesson from Senator John Kerry in the 2004 election. His loss in Ohio (which threw the entire election) was credited to the coveted, and often mysterious, "Catholic vote" which turned out for George W. Bush (a Methodist) instead. The issues of abortion and Supreme Court nominees were at the top of the list of concerns for these Catholic voters. Take it from John, just wearing a crucifix won't get you as far as you think with the Catholic vote.