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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gay Persecution of Catholics Ramps Up

( - Canada's human rights industry has resumed its investigation of Catholic Insight magazine, published by Father Alphonse de Valk. The Canadian Human Rights Commission had announced on July 4 that it was dropping its 16-month investigation against the publication for alleged 'hate'. However, homosexual activist Rob Wells, the complainant in the case, was given 30 days to request a judicial review of the case...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: They're at it again, and this time with a vengeance. Like the United States government, the Canadian government is also heavily influenced by the homosexual-abortion lobby, but much much worse. When Canada passed it's new civil rights code, making homosexuals a "protected minority," the government promised this would not effect freedom of religion or religious speech about homosexuality. That was a lie. Not long after the law went into effect, religious magazines and newspapers immediately came under scrutiny as potential "hate speech." This complaint against Catholic Insight magazine is just the latest episode in this unfolding saga. The events in Canada prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that peripheral legal issues surrounding government protection and promotion of homosexuality are a direct threat to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

While not all homosexuals should be casted as the homofascist type who would condone this sort of thing, it would appear that a growing number think its "okay" and perfectly defensible. My only question is when (if ever) will a group of freedom loving homosexuals stand up and condemn this blatant attack on religious liberty and free speech? Or does such a group no longer exist within that demographic? It's just a question.