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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gays To Persecute Christians

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The day is now here, when homosexuals persecute Christians using the full force of the law. While we must not paint with a broad brush, lumping all homosexuals into the same group, it would be fair to say that a large number of them are hell-bent not only on forcing their perversion upon us as "normal," but also in using the law to punish those of us who disagree.

In all fairness, not every homosexual fits this description. Most are content to live out their lives quietly, keeping their sexuality a private matter, and preferring a "live and let live" attitude toward those who disagree. However, there is also a growing number of gays who seem to eat, sleep and breathe their homosexuality. Like an obsession, it consumes them, and they've allowed it to literally define who they are as people. These people are the militant homofascists, and they're coming to a neighborhood near you. We've seen their activity on the news. They march in gay-pride parades, and lobby government officials for so-called "gay-rights" which they say includes the "right" to marry same-sex partners. Before you think that's "okay" you better think again. The widespread acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage will spell certain doom for religious freedom in the United States and elsewhere. Just as a matter of perspective, this gay-agenda has already shut down Catholic Charities in Massachusetts and California. It has revoked the tax-exempt status of a Methodist retreat center in New Jersey, and in Canada the government is already mandating that private religious schools include "gay friendly" textbooks in their curriculum. Never in 200 years has there been such an assault on religious liberty on this continent, and if the gay-marriage agenda isn't stopped soon, it's only going to get worse - much worse....
(The Christian Post) - It is all about equal rights, the gay “marriage” lobby keeps telling us. We just want the right to marry, like everyone else.

That is what they are telling us. But that is not what they mean. If same-sex “marriage” becomes the law of the land, we can expect massive persecution of the Church.

As my friend Jennifer Roback Morse notes in the National Catholic Register, “Legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ is not a stand-alone policy . . . Once governments assert that same-sex unions are the equivalent of marriage, those governments must defend and enforce a whole host of other social changes.”

The bad news is these changes affect other liberties we take for granted, such as religious freedom and private property rights. Several recent cases give us a sobering picture of what we can expect if we do not actively embrace—and even promote—same-sex “marriage.”...

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