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Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Biden Brings Scandal To U.S. Catholic Church

From left to right...
Bishop Michael A. Saltarelli
Senator Joseph Biden
Bishop W. Francis Malooly

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: These three men embody just about everything that is wrong in the U.S. Catholic Church today. Here you have Senator Joseph Biden, the quintessential "Cafeteria Catholic" politician, who publicly opposes the Church's plain moral teachings on human life and the responsibilities of Catholic citizens toward it. Biden has recently been nominated by Senator Barack Obama to the office of Vice President of the United States. To the left we have his former bishop, Michael A. Saltarelli, who has allowed him to continue to receive communion in his diocese as if nothing is wrong. To the right we have his new bishop, W. Francis Malooly, who reportedly has no plans to make any changes in this practice.

While the Vatican is clear, the message of many U.S. Catholic bishops is morally vague. On the one hand, they speak of the grave sin involving abortion and those who support it, but on the other hand they do absolutely nothing to discipline those who obstinately support legalized abortion in a public way that brings scandal to the U.S. Catholic Church. It's a mixed signal. It's almost as if many bishops in the U.S. Catholic Church are giving the Vatican lip service, while giving Cafeteria Catholics a wink and a nod as they approach the communion rail. The problem we have with many U.S. bishops is their failure to act as shepherds. They have no problem as administrators. Many of them are even good pastors. But when you ask them to exercise their episcopal role as shepherds - to protect the flock from wolves in sheep's clothing - most U.S. bishops quietly excuse themselves.

Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps it may be a fear of controversy. Former Archbishop of St. Louis, His Excellency Raymond Burke, was viciously assailed by the secular media for publicly denying communion to pro-abortion politicians. In this country, the price of being a good shepherd is high, and bishops will suffer greatly for doing the right thing. Fortunately the Vatican sees the value in such a leader, and has recently promoted Archbishop Burke to the head of the Apostolic Signatura, which is equivalent to the role of "Chief Justice" in the "Vatican Supreme Court."

Maybe the reason why most U.S. bishops won't deny communion is an over inflated concern about their own moral failings, and wanting to avoid any hint of hypocrisy.

Or sadly, maybe it's just about money. Many high profile "Cafeteria Catholics" contribute generously to the collection plate. Perhaps some bishops just fear the financial repercussions of doing the right thing.

Whatever their reason is, and we may never know, one thing remains true. Most U.S. Catholic bishops are completely derelict in their episcopal duties on this matter. Because of this, the U.S. Catholic Church does not perfectly mirror the teachings of the Vatican, and as a result, the majority of U.S. Catholics will be left with a mixed message regarding abortion and their civic responsibility.

Senator Joe Biden ought to be ashamed of himself for the mockery he has made of his Roman Catholic faith by supporting "abortion rights" in the face of everything the Church teaches about the sanctity of human life, but two men should be even more ashamed. The first is Bishop Michael A. Saltarelli for letting this go on in his diocese with virtually no intervention on his part to stop it. Shame on him! What would the pope say? The second is Bishop W. Francis Malooly who has a grand opportunity to demonstrate his episcopal faculties as a true shepherd in the U.S. Catholic Church by reversing Bishop Salterelli's policy on communion for pro-abortion politicians.

'The Catholic Knight' calls upon Bishop Malooly to stand up and act according to Canon Law 915 with the plain and clear social teachings of the Church on the sanctity of human life and the grave sin of abortion. The days of "pastoral guidance" without episcopal intervention are over. The U.S. Catholic Church is in a moral crisis, and lack of action can no longer be excused. It's time for Biden's bishop to do the right thing, and deny Biden communion, along with any other "pro-choice" Catholic politician in his diocese. Let us pray that God gives him the courage to do the right thing.