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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama The Baby Killer

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's a fact, and Barack Obama no longer denies it. As an Illinois senator, he stumped to block a bill from passing that would have obligated medical personal to take reasonable measures to save a dying infant who is born alive and breathing, even if it was after a botched abortion....
( - Barack Obama and National Right to Life went head-to-head over Obama's abortion record, and Obama blinked. The Democratic presidential candidate now has backed off his claims that pro-life advocates were "lying" over his vote to kill a bill that would have prevented infanticide in Illinois. Obama's campaign now acknowledges he "misrepresented" his position.

Obama's decision to sabotage the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) has repeatedly come back from the grave to haunt his campaign. Pro-life advocates, and National Right to Life, have hounded Obama over his "no" vote to BAIPA while a state senator in 2003.

BAIPA was a bill intended to clarify that any baby who is entirely expelled from his or her mother, and who shows any signs of life, is to be regarded as a legal "person" with all the rights thereto, whether or not the baby was born during an attempted abortion....

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