Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama INSULTS Catholic Voters

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The message from the Barack Obama campaign today is as follows. "THE ONLY GOOD CATHOLIC IS A BAD CATHOLIC!" In other words, if you're a Catholic, and you defy the Church's moral teachings, you will be rewarded with a nomination to the second highest office in the land. If however, you are Catholic and you adhere to the Church's moral teachings, you really have no place in the Barack Obama for President campaign.

Obama's nomination of Senator Joe Biden comes after criticism from the Catholic League about his supposed "outreach to Catholics" committee which consisted entirely of "pro-choice" (i.e. "pro-abortion") Catholics, who defied the Church's moral teachings. After much pressure, Obama suspended this committee, only to respond with this. Senator Joe Biden is a "Cafeteria Catholic" whom the Vatican has barred from receiving communion due to his pro-abortion voting record.

Clearly the Obama campaign thinks it's trying to reach out for Catholic votes, and they believe that a vice presidential nominee who claims to be "Catholic" will deliver such votes. But in making this strategic move, Obama has sent another clear and undeniable message. "The only GOOD Catholic is a BAD Catholic." Because if you're a Catholic who actually believes and practices what the Church teaches, you'll have no place in the Obama campaign for president of the United States. Obama's nomination of Senator Joe Biden is nothing short of a slap in the face to Catholics who actually believe and practice what the Church teaches.