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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frightening Video Of Children Singing Praise To Obama

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Supporters of Barack Obama are creating "Obama Youth" camps, in which children are indoctrinated with a form of political messianism. Here Obama is presented to these young minds as a kind of political savior, in whom they may place all their hopes and trust. The concept of "reform" and "change" is linked directly to one man - Barack Obama - without whom neither can take place. These children are learning from a very young age to put their faith in a man, the kind of faith that belongs to God alone, as their parents applaud in approval.

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UPDATE (10/2/2008): It would appear that Obama supporters are now frantically trying to erase these videos from YouTube. I found another one and updated my post. I'll endeavor to keep it current. If it doesn't work, please check back later. You may want to send people the link above, as quickly as you can, because it may be your best shot at getting the message out. Obama supporters are going to great lengths to cover this up. The video just hit FoxNews Channel this morning, hopefully they'll have it up on their website soon. Until then, 'The Catholic Knight' may be your best chance at getting the message out.