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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is The Archbishop of Canterbury Leading Anglicans To Rome?

(CNA).- This week the Archbishop of Canterbury became the first Anglican leader to visit the Marian shrine at Lourdes in France. During his three-day visit, he preached a homily at an international Mass and made remarks which critics construed to mean that he accepted the reality of the Marian apparitions at Lourdes and the Catholic doctrine of the Immaculate Conception which the apparitions communicated.

One critic called the archbishop’s presence a “wholesale compromise” and labeled him a “papal puppet.”

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had been invited to the shrine by Jacques Perrier, the Catholic bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes. He was joined by an unprecedented pilgrimage of eight Church of England bishops, about 60 Anglican priests and about 400 Anglican laymen and women, a number of whom are considering converting to Catholicism as a result of the theological turmoil in the Church of England....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What a curious development. Just a month after the functional breakdown at Lambeth, that marked the end of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Archbishop of Canterbury makes this historic pilgrimage to Lourdes, where he acknowledges a apparition of Mary, (recognized only by the Catholic Church), as a legitimate visitation by the Virgin Mother. There he also acknowledges Mary as the "Mother of God," a title traditionally used only by Catholics and Eastern Orthodox. For this he receives a tongue lashing by Liberals and Evangelicals within the Church of England.

I have a curious proposition for everyone's consideration. Right now three things are happening simultaneously. First, the complete disintegration of the worldwide Anglican Communion, combined with the functional breakdown of the Church of England in the rise of the female episcopate. The former being a fallout over the acceptance of homosexuality by Anglican churches in North America, and the latter being a step Rome has made clear would make an ecumenical reunion with the Holy See impossible. The second is this pilgrimage by the Archbishop of Canterbury to Lourdes, accompanied by his very "Catholic" declaration of Mary as the "Mother of God" (Greek: "Theotokos" or "God Bearer"). While the third is more on the political front, as the English monarchy has now put into motion the steps necessary to rescind the prohibition of Catholics in the royal family...
(AFP) — The government is drawing up plans to end a 300-year-old exclusion of Catholics from the line of succession, as well as ending the priority given to male heirs, according to a newspaper report.

The Labour government would introduce the necessary legislation after the next election, according to The Guardian, which has long petitioned for a change in the law that critics have condemned as discriminatory.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's office declined to comment, although Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw said in March that the government was "certainly ready to consider" reviewing the "antiquated" ban on Catholic monarchs.

Rules laid out in the Bill of Rights 1688, the Act of Settlement 1700 and the Act of Union 1706 state that the monarch must be a Protestant, and any royal who marries a Catholic is barred from the line of succession.

Earlier this year, a Catholic engaged to one of the Queen's grand-children, Peter Phillips, had to be accepted into the Church of England before the couple could marry, or her husband would have lost his claim to the throne...

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By themselves, these separate events may seem unrelated, but taken together in their close proximity of time, it would appear that something much bigger is going on. The Anglican Communion crumbles, as the Church of England apostates, while the monarchy reopens the throne to Catholics, and the Archbishop of Canterbury makes a "Catholic" pilgrimage. Could we be witnessing the undoing of the English Reformation before our very eyes?  Did you ever think you would live to see this day?

Question: What if the Archbishop of Canterbury actually converts to Catholicism while he's still in office? What happens then? I would fully expect the Anglo-Catholic population of the Church of England to follow him, along with Anglo-Catholics from all over the Anglican world. What would happen to the Archbishop's office? Could he take the "chair" of St. Augustine of Canterbury with him? Would that effectively make the Church of England, and all her sister national churches fully Protestant, without even a perceived link to apostolic succession? Would Anglicanism effectively be "reborn" as an entirely new "rite" in the Roman Catholic Church? Something is afoot here. What is it? What do you think?  I solicit your thoughts...