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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Students Have A RIGHT To Religious Education

( Catholic schools are a concrete manifestation of the right to freedom of education, says Benedict XVI.

The Pope expressed this conviction today during an address in the apostolic palace at Castel Gandolfo to representatives of Italian Catholic educational centers, who are taking part in a meeting organized by the Italian episcopal conference's Center of Studies for Catholic Schools.

"The Catholic school is an expression of the right of all citizens to freedom of education, and the corresponding duty of solidarity in the building of civil society," said the Pope, quoting a document of the Italian episcopate....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The pope is 100% right, but I would like to take it a step further. Not only is it a RIGHT for every student to have a religious education, but for every Christian student, it's and ENTITLEMENT!

Sure, governments need to get on board with this, and stop denying basic civil rights to religious students. If a parents wants to send their child to a religious school, then the state should reimburse the parents for the tuition. But unless you live in a Scandinavian country, that isn't going to happen. (It's nice to know the Scandinavians are doing something right.)

I believe the greater responsibility lies at the feet of pastors in this nation. We have a moral and education crisis in this country. Like fools however, we look to the state for solutions. Asking the government to solve a moral and education crisis among our children is like trying to use a toaster to make a telephone call. The machine simply was not designed for the task. If pastors (both Catholic and Protestant) would take it upon themselves to become LEADERS, they could solve this problem almost overnight, with no help from the government at all. Here is how to do it...
  1. Every church of reasonable size (say greater than 500 members) starts a school.  It doesn't matter how small it is.  Smaller churches can pool together to do the same.
  2. Non-members of these churches, who want to send their children to these schools, must pay tuition.
  3. Members of these churches are guaranteed a FREE education for their children.
  4. To fund this, the PASTOR of the church simply reinforces a "stewardship" message at every Sunday mass/service.  
  5. ALL members of the Church are expected to give at least 10% of their income "for the sake of the children."
  6. Those who truly cannot afford 10%, can give 5% instead, and those who are truly destitute, unable to even give that, are just the very kind of people the churches are supposed to be helping anyway.  The donations of older members, who's children are grown, will offset this deficit.
That's how it's done folks - plain and simple.  The nice thing about this system, is that members who donate their 10% to the Church, a good portion of which is used for their children's tuition, can now use the whole thing as a tax write off.  

It's a crying shame that so few pastors in our nation are willing to take a leadership role on this.  Our nation suffers a moral and educational crisis, and it is within their power to do something about it.  Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet people.  So when is it going to happen in your church?

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