Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joe Biden Verses Sarah Palin - Who's More Catholic?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As America's top VP candidates debate, 'The Catholic Knight' has only one question for my readers. Who is more Catholic?

In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI outlined a three-point rule for voting Catholics during elections (read more about this here).

The three-point rule is...
  1. "Pro-Life"
  2. "Pro-Family"
  3. "School-Choice"
The pope's three-point rule of Catholic Social Justice comes in a timely manner, as Catholics in the USA prepare for the 2008 presidential election. The idea here is to simplify the complexities of Catholic Social Justice into three main points Catholics can easily remember when they go to the polls. The following is a Catholic analysis of the two top vice presidential candidates in this November's election.

On the Left we have Senator Joe Biden. Biden claims to be a "Practicing Catholic" though his record indicates he is not. The term "Cafeteria Catholic" may better describe him. Biden opposes the pope, and the Catholic Church's social teachings on human life, supporting abortion-on-demand. Because of this, Biden is no longer permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church (a defacto excommunication), and several U.S. Bishops have advised him to avoid presenting himself at the communion rail.  As an advocate for gay civil-unions, Biden also opposes the pope and the Catholic Church's teachings on marriage and homosexuality. Furthermore, Biden opposes the pope and Catholic social justice on the issue of school-choice.

On the Right we have Governor Sarah Palin.  Palin was born to Catholic parents and baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant.  However, her parents left the Church when she was a child, and she was subsequently raised in a Pentecostal Church.  (She now attends an Evangelical Church.)  Though her connection to the Catholic Church was broken by her parents as a child, she nevertheless agrees with the pope, and Catholic Social Justice, by supporting the right to life for unborn babies.  While opposing gay-marriage, she unfortunately agrees with John McCain on the legality of gay civil-unions, which is essentially the same as "marriage" in everything but name.  However, both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have the same opinion.  So no candidate in this race agrees with the Church on this matter.  Finally, Palin endorses school-choice, which is also favored by Senator John McCain, and in doing so she supports the pope and the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church on this matter.

So who is more Catholic?  Is it Senator Biden; the "Cafeteria Catholic" who opposes all of the Church's most fundamental social teachings, and is no longer permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church?  Or is it Governor Palin; the former Catholic turned Protestant, who supports the pope on most of the fundamental social teachings of the Catholic Church?  You decide?  Vote in the poll above...