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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election 2008 - McCain Verses ACORN

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Don't let anyone fool you. This election is not about John McCain verses Barack Obama - rather it's about John McCain verses ACORN. Obama is simply ACORN's candidate of choice this time around. He might not have beat Hillary during the primaries without ACORN. If we had known about ACORN during the primaries, Hillary Clinton might have been able to challenge the primary results in states where Obama performed well.

The 'Association Of Community Organization For Reform Now' (or A.C.O.R.N.) is a radical leftist organization that is currently under investigation by the federal government for illegal activities including embezzlement and voter fraud. News reports indicate that ACORN may be responsible for the largest case of voter fraud and election rigging in American history. Some speculate their activities may even put the validity of American democracy at risk and threaten to undermine the very foundation of this nation's political structure. ACORN continues to commit voter fraud in the toss-up states, especially Ohio and Missouri, in which the dead are registered to vote, along with school children, prisoners, illegal aliens, pets, cartoon characters as well as a variety of fictitious names. This dramatically increases the likelihood of voter fraud on election day should poll workers supporting Obama caste votes for these registrations after the polls are closed. The very existence of these registrations, in such mass quantities, virtually guarantees legal challenges on election night to almost every precinct where ACORN was active. Simply put, if the election is close, we may not know who the next president will be for days, or possibly weeks, after it's over with news of legal challenges and court battles. In short, ACORN may very well have turned half the country into the same election mess we saw in Florida during the 2000 election.