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Thursday, October 30, 2008


North America As It Might Appear In 50 Years

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As of today, the polls indicate a statistical dead heat, within the margin of error (a virtual tie), between Barack Obama and John McCain.  I don't know who's going to win the election and as far as this blog entry is concerned, it really doesn't matter.  The topic brought up by it is universal, and applies to all Americans, in all circumstances, no matter who is in power in Washington D.C..  Please read the following, and then watch ALL of the videos below.  You'll understand why when you do.  I invite your comments below...


As America's politicians move to expand the size and power of the federal government, the constitutional compact that holds our fifty states together is beginning to tear.

The federal government's "one-size-fits-all" style of micromanagement has brought the American people into irreconcilable differences between so-called "red states" and "blue states." It's as if we are becoming two (or more) different countries, with completely two (or more) different sets of values and ideals. Even the culture is starting to divide.

The Constitutional Republic designed by our founding fathers has not functioned properly in decades. The three separate branches of government no longer abide by it, and in many cases ignore it. The two major political parties no longer respect it. And sadly, most of the American people have forgotten it completely. The average American can no longer recite even half of the articles in the Bill of Rights. The few who can often have a distorted understanding of what those articles mean. 

Though militarily the United States remains the world's last superpower, the federal government's control of domestic matters is slipping away.  Reckless deficit spending has caused our federal government to amass a Ten-Trillion dollar debt.  (That's "Trillion" with a capital "T!")  It's a debt beyond our federal government's ability to pay and everybody knows it.  For decades our national government has been either unwilling, or unable, to police our porous southern border with Mexico.  Because of this a steady stream of migrant workers and resident aliens have entered the country illegally - amassing an estimated population of 20 million undocumented persons.  Our government seems to be unable to handle our own domestic security, and has repeatedly sought to farm out management of our nations seaports to foreign companies.  Crime is on the rise in every major U.S. city, and things we once thought unthinkable are commonplace today.  Gangs control large urban areas, and have more influence than the police among the people who live therein.  Our financial system has been hit hard by predatory lending practices encouraged (practically mandated) by the federal government for over 20 years.  Now our economy is in recession (perhaps depression), while the only thing keeping it afloat is a $750-billion government bailout, which in turn gives the federal government more power that it obviously can't handle.  The American dollar, once the most stable currency in the world, is losing it's value significantly. Inflation is nearly out of control. What costs a dollar now, our grandparents could have bought for 10 cents in 1950. Stop and think about that! What costs $100 now, cost just $10 in 1950. What costs $1,000 now, cost a mere $100 in 1950. With the skyrocketing national debt, coupled by the increased deficit spending in the years to come to pay for existing entitlement programs (not counting new ones), the American dollar is sure to plummet to a new low within just the next ten years. They say some of the last signs before a nation's fall are massive government power grabs, sweeping legislative changes, and a general restriction on civil liberties. Is this not exactly what we've seen over the last 40 years? How about over the last 20 years? Now stop and consider how much this has happened just over the last 10 years? Finally, how much more can we expect to see over just the next 5 years? It won't be long now before everything comes to a head, and the federal government will no longer be able to carry on this charade.  Like ancient Rome, America is falling, and it's because of big centralized government.

Ever since the 1950s, historical experts have warned that America will fall from within, just like ancient Rome. What happened to the Roman Empire? It was parceled out and divided between multiple nation-states now known as Europe. Only recently has Europe been able to reorganize some kind of reunification - and even then a tentative one. So profound was Rome's fall that even the common language - Latin - was divided into multiple dialects, eventually becoming the Romance languages we are familiar with today (Italian, French, Spanish, etc.).

I would like you to watch the following videos with an open mind. I'm certainly not asking you to subscribe to what these people are advocating, but I am asking you to try to understand WHY they're advocating it.  If we don't move quickly to reduce the federal government's size and intrusiveness, and return to the principle of individual state sovereignty (i.e. "states rights"), it won't be long before movements like those documented in the videos below will become mainstream....

Yes, that's Governor Sarah Palin Addressing the "Alaska Independence Party"
An Alaskan Secession Movement Powerful Enough To
Get the Governor's Convention Blessing

Now everyone who follows this blog knows 'The Catholic Knight' was NOT a Ron Paul supporter.  However, those who follow this blog also know 'The Catholic Knight' always tries to give credit where credit is due.  If we've learned anything from Congressman Ron Paul's remarkable presidential campaign it is this.  There is an extreme hunger in this nation for a return to a truly Constitutional form of government, wherein the federal government is limited strictly to the powers outlined in the Constitution, and the individual states reclaim their right to govern themselves respectively.  Congressman Paul was able to successfully do something no other politician has been able to do in modern times.  He brought together hard-core Conservatives, and hard-core Liberals, to work together for a common cause.  He did this by simply appealing for the kind of small federal government mandated by the U.S. Constitution, and a return to states rights.  If such a program were ever implemented in America, it would effectively allow Liberal states to govern themselves liberally, and Conservative states to govern themselves conservatively, and all states in between to govern themselves as they see fit.  What Congressman Paul outlined was a practical plan to save the Union from an impending collapse that is sure to come within a matter of decades.  On this issue Congressman Paul was 100% correct.  Without this return to "Constitutional Federalism" the United States is doomed to cultural and political schism. So to give credit where credit is due, Congressman Ron Paul was right about this issue, even if he was wrong about other issues. As the federal government grows beyond it's ability to govern effectively, secession movements will grow proportionally until they become mainstream. What is mainstream? About 20% would be one in every five Americans - a population large enough to effect the general elections in any state. In the State of Vermont, secessionists now number at about 13%, and they're growing at an alarming rate, mostly among young college-age Americans. This may become an indication of where today's youth is heading. When what we see happening in Vermont starts happening in other states, we will have reached a critical mass. When (not if) that happens, it's the beginning of the end for the United States of America as we know it.  The only way to stop this is to return to a limited Constitutional Republic envisioned by Congressman Paul and the founding fathers - otherwise it's kaput for the U.S.A.

The point is we're all going to be talking about this a lot more over the next 10 years. Yes, it is all together probable that within a decade, the whole Liberal-Conservative, Democrat-Republican and Left-Right political paradigm will become obsolete in America. Instead of talking about Liberal verses Conservative ideologies, we may very well be talking about whether or not to preserve the Union of the United States, and if not, how it should be divided. 

I invite your comments below. Please consider forwarding this important warning to other Americans if we hope to avoid the fall that is coming. Simply cut and paste the following link into your email, and send it to as many people as you can...