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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feminists Turn Anti-Catholic And Violent

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Feminists in Neuquen Argentina staged a planned protest of the Catholic Church recently. Concerned that some of the protesters might vandalize the cathedral around which they planned to stage their protest, a fairly large group of young Catholics formed a human chain of interlinking arms around the cathedral, while reciting the prayers of the rosary. They placed pro-life banners on the cathedral and some held pro-life banners in their hands. The feminist response was ugly, blasphemous and downright violent in some cases. Police tried to keep the two groups separated, but it was clearly the feminist protesters who were verbally (and sometimes physically) assaulting the human chain of praying youth. The praying youth accomplished their goal of protecting the cathedral from these violent protesters, who surely would have vandalized it had they been able to get in. These events in Argentina paint a clear picture of what modern feminism has become. It is no longer a civil rights union seeking equality in the workplace, but rather a cult movement steeped in sexual liberation, the desire to kill the unborn, along with a deep hatred for Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular.

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