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Monday, October 6, 2008

Pope Calls For Catholic-Orthodox Reunion ASAP!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The world is falling into a moral crisis that affects it on every level - social, political and economic. It would seem the pope recognizes that things are starting to spiral out of control fast, and one of the major obstacles preventing the Church from acting as "salt and light," is the schisms that have divided our witness for far too long.

One of the devil's greatest strategy's is "divide and conquer." He successfully destroyed the witness of ancient Israel this way, and he employs this same tactic against the "Israel of God" (The Church) today. By dividing the Church, he is able to spread his influence throughout the world more effectively, while Christians fight amongst themselves.

It would appear the pope understand that corporal reunion with the Protestants is impossible. However, reunion with the Eastern Orthodox is not only possible, but even plausible, under the right circumstances. Therefore, the pope calls for expediency in this process before it's too late...
( - Benedict XVI sent a personal message to Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II saying that modern times call for a hastening of the journey toward Christian unity....

....He added: "Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ is a bond that unites hearts in a profound way and invites us all to strengthen our commitment to manifest to the world a shared witness of living together respectfully and peacefully.

"Our times, marked so often by conflict and grief, make it even more necessary to hasten the journey toward the full unity of all the disciples of Christ, so that the joyous message of salvation may be spread to all humanity....

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