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Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Cafeteria Catholics LOVE The Episcopal Church

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: For over a hundred years the Episcopal Church USA has been welcoming Catholics who have issues with the way things are run the the Roman Catholic Church. Already hundreds of thousands of marginalized and cafeteria Catholics have joined the Episcopal Church in the USA. Here are some reasons why so many cafeteria Catholics LOVE the Episcopal Church...
  1. In appearance, there is virtually no difference between the Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church.  Liturgical worship is nearly identical. As well as the way the sacraments are administered.  "When you walk into an Episcopal Church, you think you're walking into a Catholic Church.  There's nearly no difference in worship at all." 
  2. Communion is open to all.  There are no restrictions to receiving communion in the Episcopal Church.  Anyone may approach the table of the Lord, regardless of membership, or personal choice in lifestyle.
  3. The priesthood is open to all. Priests may be married.  Women may become priests in the Episcopal Church, and homosexuals who seek clerical orders need not hide their sexual orientation.
  4. Morality is a matter of personal conscience.  The Episcopal Church does not judge a person's moral, social or political beliefs.
In essence, the Episcopal Church in the USA is everything cafeteria Catholics have been seeking for decades.  It is what they want the Roman Catholic Church to become, but have never been able to bring it about.  With the election of Pope Benedict XVI, and the increasing conservative statements coming out of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), it appears that all hope of liberalizing the U.S. Catholic Church is lost.  Communion is being denied to Catholic politicians and lay people solely because they are "pro-choice" on the issue of women's reproductive health.  Homosexual men are banned from the priesthood now, and women have never been given the opportunity to try.  That's why a lot of marginalized and cafeteria Catholics are now attending Episcopal churches throughout the nation.  If you're a Catholic who believes communion should be open to all, women should be allowed to be priests, and morality is a matter of personal conscience, then maybe the Episcopal Church USA is right for you.  Click Here To Learn More