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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Would Obama Censor The Media?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Watch the above YouTube video. It raises an interesting question. Now I have no problem with a little bit of censorship, especially of privately owned websites, blogs and forums, particularly when it pertains to cleaning up profanity, obvious slander and excessively defaming remarks. However, when you're running for president, you're supposed to be a champion of free speech. That means you tolerate a few negative comments from time to time. This doesn't seem to be the case on Obama run Internet outlets.

Now Obama is perfectly within his rights to do this. They are HIS Internet outlets, and he can allow (or disallow) whatever comments he wants. However, it raises an interesting question. Would an Obama administration attempt a similar form of censorship of the mainstream media? We know the Congressional Democrats want to reinstitute the "fairness doctrine" which would effectively shut down conservative talk radio. We can be sure Obama would have no problem signing such legislation into law. However, in doing so, it would give him a very powerful tool to be exploited for political purposes. The "fairness doctrine" isn't just limited to conservative talk radio. It could just as easily be used to regulate free speech on television news broadcasts, making criticism of his administration difficult at best.

It is widely known that the major media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC) are "in the tank" for Obama, and invested in an Obama victory this November. Have they given this issue any thought? The very man they're helping to get into the Whitehouse may soon turn around and tightly regulate what they can say, and cannot say, on their news broadcasts. Is that "okay" with them?

Just food for thought.