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Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Church Can Be Saved - But Not America Itself

(WorldNetDaily) - ...This election may have prompted a turning point on the Catholic front. We had in Obama a pro-abortion presidential candidate set apart from Clinton or Kerry, who both expressed reticence about their abortion support – "safe, legal and rare," and all that.

Obama was confident, categorically supporting unfettered abortion for all nine months of pregnancy and beyond.

Catholic theologian Dr. Monica Miller thinks Obama's boldness shook U.S. bishops up.

"I've been waiting 35 years to see vigorous, uncompromising statements from the bishops on abortion," Monica told me. "With this election, we had a concerted, bold speaking out of almost 100 of 300 U.S. bishops. There have been several bishops' documents going back 20 years or more. These are decent documents, but they can be interpreted in such a way by Catholics who want to justify a vote for a pro-abortion candidate. These bishops' statements sought to close those loopholes. They were saying nothing outweighs the killing of innocent human life by abortion."

Yet almost half of all Catholics still voted for Obama, indicating edicts alone won't work. Only consistent church teaching that breaks through deadened consciences on the horror of abortion in conjunction with education on the godly confines of sexual behavior will do.

Face it. It is the Christian church's fault that legalized abortion in America – and now infanticide – exists and persists.

That was what Election Day 2008 showed.

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Right now there is a lot of finger pointing going on in the Republican Party. Some of John Sidney McCain's advisors blame Sarah Palin for loss of the election. While Palin herself has dismissed this entirely, her supporters point back to McCain advisors as the cause of the problem. In his concession speech, McCain placed all blame upon himself. In the end, however, we have to admit that they're all wrong. Sure, John McCain's biggest handicap was John McCain, but there was a reason why he was the Republican choice for President. Sadly, John McCain's weak conservatism is a mirror refection of what the Republican Party has become in recent years. It was only natural for him to become the nominee, just as natural as it was for the Republicans to lose this election no matter who they put up against Barack Hussein Obama.

The problem however is much bigger than the Republican Party. In fact, the Republicans are only a small part of the problem. As Pope John Paul II pointed out repeatedly during his 27 year pontificate, the problem is the "culture of death" itself. It is a society that has plunged itself into this culture of death that embraces such things as legalized abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and euthanasia. More than half of all American voters willingly support this "culture of death" by their willingness to vote for candidates, and a party, that upholds it as their political standard. American society is lost, but the American Catholic Church can be revived, and with her the Evangelicals can see new life again too. The bishops and priests of the Catholic Church are where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak. They must preach the Gospel of Life BOLDLY in one Sunday homily after another, every Sunday, over and over again, until that is all faithful Catholics hear. They must do so repeatedly, until the message is burned into the psyche of every Catholic who attends mass in America. I mean the ENTIRE Gospel of Life starting from artificial contraception, to abortion, to embryonic stem-cell research, to euthanasia, and so on. Once they do this, the Evangelicals will follow too, and we can once again begin to build a culture of life.

What of the United States of America? Will we take back the Whitehouse and the Congress for Life over the next two to four years? Probably not. Will we take them back in eight years? Maybe, but by then it won't matter. In many ways it's already too late for the United States of America. She is guilty of murdering some 40 million innocent souls, and participating (even leading the charge) in the worst Holocaust the world has ever seen. The abortion Holocaust in America has killed far more souls than the Nazi Holocaust of Germany. 

MENE, TEKEL, PERES. America's days are numbered. She has been weighed and found wanting. She will soon be divided.

Such is the fate of all nations that defy natural law and common sense. We can see signs of this all around; everything from a $10 trillion federal debt, to the nationalization of our banking system, to the erosion of our national borders, to the decay of our inner cities, to the corruption of our government, to the socialization of our economy, to the abridgment of our civl liberties, to the challenges we receive from foreign powers. It is the beginning of the end for the United States as we know it, but our people and our culture can survive, perhaps in some other form, if only our priests and pastors will lead the way.  The ball now lies squarely in the Church's court.  It failed to stop the fall of America, now will it be able to prepare it's people for her eminent demise, and then rebuild upon her ashes?  Only time will tell.