It's official. The Catholic Knight is retired.  I'm hanging up the helmet and passing the torch. There will be no more articles, no more commentaries, no more calls to action. THIS BLOG IS CLOSED. I've spent a very long time thinking about this, I believe the time has come, and is a bit overdue.  I want to thank my readers for everything, but most especially for your encouragement and your willingness to go out there and fight the good fight. So, that being the case, I've spend the last several weeks looking for bloggers who are fairly active, and best represent something akin to the way I think and what I believe.  I recommend the following blogs for my readers to bookmark and check on regularly. Pick one as your favourite, or pick them all. They are all great..... In His Majesty's Service, THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Faith, Another Christ, Another Gospel

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: They're preaching another faith! They're preaching another Christ! It's a whole new religion, and it's NOT Catholicism. Their high position in government gives them a podium greater than most U.S. Catholic bishops. Because of that they have a large following - and it's growing! They call themselves Catholics, but they are apostles of the "culture of death."

How long must we endure the apostasy? Withholding communion is not enough. When will the the U.S. Catholic bishops FINALLY muster the courage to formally excommunicate these heretics who are leading the Catholic flock astray by the hundreds of thousands!?!

Vice President Elect Joe Biden

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger