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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catholics Called To Abandon Public Schools

"Masonry has taken control of the public schools, leaving private schools, paternal schools, and those directed by zealous ecclesiastics and religious of both sexes to compete in the education of Christian youth. Christian parents especially should not entrust the education of their children to uncertain schools."
-- Pope Leo XIII
December 8, 1892
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What began as the secular influence of Freemasonry a hundred years ago has become nothing less than Marxist Humanism in recent decades. We Catholic parents need to separate ourselves from all institutions that oppose our Christian civilization and culture. One of those institutions is government education in the form of public schools. Both Sacred Scriptures and Holy Mother Church instruct us that it is the primary responsibility of parents to educate their children, with the assistance of the Church -- not the state! We cannot save, nor can we rebuild, a Christian culture on a Secular Humanist foundation. That's what public schools are. They are institutions of Secular Humanism designed specifically for the purpose of producing adults prone toward Humanist and Marxist ideas. You simply cannot counter five days of a Marxist Humanist education in public school, with a one hour Sunday school, PSR or catechism class per week. To raise holy families we must completely eliminate the unholy influence of a godless government eduction.

So it's time for Catholic parents to make whatever sacrifices it takes to send their children to religious schools or else homeschool. The alternative is to send our children to a public school system where they will get a sub-standard education saturated with a curriculum and atmosphere designed to inhibit and oppress Catholic moral teaching. (Remember, by the time parents usually find out what their children are being taught, it's already too late. The damage is already done.)

Not all Catholic parents can afford parish and parochial schools. This is extremely unfortunate, and the bishops of diocese where this takes place ought to be pressured to find a way for Catholic schoolchildren to be educated at an affordable rate. That being said, as Catholic parents we can't always wait on our bishop to fix the problem for us. In such cases it may be appropriate to make some sacrifices, so for the sake of our children, we may take matters into our own hands.

Homeschooling is a reasonable and affordable alternative for parents seeking to save their children from the godless schools of government education. One doesn't need to be a teacher, or have an education degree, to be a homeschooler. The curriculum is provided by the homeschooling academy, and homeschooling parents only need to follow the materials provided. As for socialization, homeschooled children can be well socialized via homeschooling networks, along with community athletic and music programs, typically provided by the YMCA, or a local office of city parks and recreation. Homeschooling academies and networks for Evangelical and Protestant children are already well established and promoted nationwide. Therefore, 'The Catholic Knight' would like to provide homeschooling links for Catholic parents wanting to get plugged into similar networks tailored for Catholic homoschooling families....
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