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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gays Pave Way To Their Own Persecution

( – A group of about a hundred homosexualist activists and media gathered outside the perimeter of St. Peter’s Square in Rome on Saturday, claiming that the Catholic Church has an unspoken agenda to “kill” homosexuals. The protest was organised by Italy’s leading homosexualist activist organisation, Arcigay, a representative of which told that the group was there to protest “the pope and the Vatican....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Homosexual activists must be clinically insane, and yes, I do mean that literally. I'll tell you why. They're paving the way for the very kind of homosexual persecutions that happen in the middle east to someday happen in the West. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. There are those who would say homosexuality is a self-destructive form of insanity in and of itself. Based on what's been going on at the Vatican, homosexual activists may have just proved them right.

Allow me to explain. Gays may not be willing to admit it, but Christianity was the best thing that could have ever happened to the homosexual community. Oh sure, we all know how much they hate traditional Christian religion, how they would like to change it, and how they blame it for all the evils in the world. But without Christianity, homosexuals would be completely and totally at the mercy of Islamic Shariah Law. You see, about a thousand years ago there were a few military campaigns called the crusades. I know, I know; another example of Christian intolerance right? Wrong. The crusades were actually a retaliation. Christians didn't instigate the violence, they were responding to it. What? Is that true? Yes, it's a matter of recorded history. I guess they didn't teach you that one in public high school did they. You see, Christians lived in peace throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the years following the fall of the Roman Empire. In fact, Christians owned most of the Middle East, and all of Northern Africa, from AD 300 to 600. After 600 AD came the invention of Islam, with it's extremely aggressive and militant proselytism. The Koran authorized the subjection of Christians as infidels, and so the Muslims took the Middle East and Northern Africa by jihad. After capturing the Holy Land, Asia Minor, and moving into Eastern Europe by force, the Church finally retaliated with military force and pushed the jihadist back into the Middle East. Overall the crusades were a failure, in the sense that they failed to permanently recapture the Holy Land from Muslim occupation. However, they did manage to give Muslims a "bloody nose" they would not soon forget. Europe was saved from the advance of Islam for another one-thousand years, and that gave Christian civilization time to flourish.

During that time (AD 1000 - 2000) came the discovery of the New World (the Americas), a period of intense colonization and evangelism. Europe saw some of it's greatest cultural achievements, along with the invention of secular government, and the taming of brutality left over from the days of the Roman Empire. Along with this came leniency toward people of "alternative lifestyles." It is Christian charity that balances the sin of sodomy with the principle of "don't kill the sodomite." The story of Jesus, and the woman adulterer at his feet, is the inspiration - "He who is without sin cast the first stone" - Jesus told the mob of angry pharisees. They all dropped their stones and left from the oldest to the youngest. "Woman," he asked "where are your accusers?" They were gone. "Nor do I condemn you. Go and sin no more." Jesus taught his Church to condemn the sin but not the sinner. He never condoned sin, but spoke quite harshly against it, while dining with sinners and forgiving their iniquities. So developed the saying that "Jesus died to forgive sin, but not condone it." Along with that came the principle that sinful activities may be illegal, but both the Church and the state are to be merciful toward those caught in the act.

The advent of secular government (a Christian invention theorized by Saint Thomas Aquinas centuries before it's institution) brought a sense of practicality to this form of leniency. In addition to merciful punishment, laws must be practically enforceable, and so with that many of the so-called morality codes were dispensed over the last two centuries. Some secular governments took this further than others. In the United States and Canada for example, sodomy codes were considered unconstitutional. However, in some western nations, they were allowed to stay on the books as minor infractions, but never really enforced. Such anti-sodomy laws usually carry with them minor fines, assuming sodomites are ever caught in the act, which would practically never happen when homosexuals do their business privately. In some ways this is like the anti-kissing laws in Maryland. Theoretically a man could be fined for simply kissing his own wife on the lips in public, but no police officer in his right mind is ever going to enforce such a thing. The law exists on the books to make a social-political point about public decency, and what kind of affection is considered morally acceptable in Maryland's society. Likewise, nation-states that still have anti-sodomy laws in the West are also making a social-political statement about physical relationships, and what kind are considered morally acceptable by that society. There is no circumstance or situation wherein one finds police breaking down the doors of homes occupied by homosexual couples. That doesn't happen in a Western society built on the principles of European Christian civilization. If you want to find that kind of persecution, you've got to go to the Middle East, particularly in Islamic countries ruled by Shariah Law.

This brings us back to the relationship between Christian civilization and Islamic civilization, which for the last thousand years has been defined by the crusades. Muslims, after taking Africa and the Middle East by force, sought to jihad their way into Europe. But they were met by crusaders who pushed them all the way back to the Jordan River in Palestine, before allowing them to retake everything up to Istanbul and no further. Christianity essentially drew a line at the Bosporus Straits‎, and said here is where your empire ends and ours begins. Ultimately, that line got pushed back in Europe a little further, but the message was sent. You bring your jihadists up here, and they'll be met by our crusaders. This military confrontation is the only thing that allowed Europe to escape Islamic rule, and thus allowed Christian civilization to mature.

The beauty of Christian civilization is the way it avoids the self-destructive extremes that societies have historically taken in ages past. The hedonistic decadence of the Pagan Romans finds it's place on the far Left, wherein sexual perversity became an established trademark of Roman culture. Toward the end of the Roman Empire, homosexuality was seen as a way for a man to be macho, assuming he was the one doing the sodomizing of course, and not the one receiving it. Young boys were frequently used as the playthings of rich and powerful men.  Because you see, back then there were no laws protecting youth from such abuse. Young girls were frequently sold by their parents as prostitutes to the Temple of Venus, which was seen as a noble and honorable profession. Throwing political dissidents to lions was a favorite pastime and sport for the ancient Romans. After all, anyone who dared to question the "political correctness" of the time deserved to take their chances with the wild beasts. I could go on, but you get the picture. While the religious zealotry of Islamic Sharia Law finds it's place on the far Right, wherein any and all forms of sexuality are forbidden and punishable by extreme measures. Women are forced to cover almost every square inch of their bodies, and men are forbidden to even speak to them in public. Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death, and even those who would dare advocate civil rights for sodomites might find their own necks stretched out on the chopping block.

Whether it be Pagan Hedonism or Islamic Zealotry, they are both extremes that seem to come naturally as part of the human experience, except in Christian civilization, which seems to nicely avoid them both. It all comes back to the teachings of Jesus really; a man who condemned the sin but not the sinner, a man who acknowledged the right of society to punish the condemned, but urged mercy in spite of it. Herein lies the balance. The necessary measures are left in place to guide society toward a higher moral plane, but at the same time, they are designed not to destroy those who don't measure up. It's a delicate balance to be sure, but it works, and in return it has given us the most culturally, socially and technologically advanced civilization the world as ever seen.

So when homosexual activists protest the Vatican for simply being what it has always been, they are in effect working to tear down the very institution which built the civilization that gave them the right to protest in the first place. Shall we call it a self-destructive psychosis? Maybe. Or maybe it's just incredible ignorance. Either way it doesn't help them at all. For the only thing keeping Islamic civilization at bay is a healthy and robust Christian civilization. In recent decades however, Christianity hasn't been doing so well in Europe. In fact, we could say the Church is just struggling to survive. Secularism has taken on a life of it's own, but what Secularists fail to realize is that Secularism by itself is the most weak form of social governance ever devised, and it cannot survive without a strong Christian culture propping it up. Without Christianity, you see, Secularism is just a religious vacuum, and the number one rule of physics is that nature abhors a vacuum. This holds true in social sciences as well. All vacuums are eventually filled with something, even religious vacuums, because Mother Nature insists you see. I didn't make that rule. I just live by it, and so must you, and every other human being on the planet. So as Europe jettisoned her Christian past, she thought she was getting a sterile Secularism in return, but instead she only saw a rise in the occult followed by the overwhelming advance of Islam. Already certain cities within Europe are governed by Shariah Law, and it's only going to get worse in the years ahead.

So in irony, to protest the persecution of homosexuals in Muslim countries, as Muslims are slowly taking over Europe, the homosexuals target their demonstration against Christians, and in this case, the capitol of Christian Europe (the Vatican). It's sort of like the farmer who goes out and shoots his milk cow because a wolf has been devouring his sheep. It makes about as much sense. Why not just shoot the wolf? Of course, if the farmer were afraid of the wolf, that might explain his irrational behavior of shooting the milk cow instead -- sort of. I suppose this might explain the irrational behavior of homosexuals who protest the Vatican. Perhaps they're afraid to protest Islam? Maybe they're too scared to stage a protest in Istanbul, Damascus, Amman, Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran or Riyadh. That is the home of their real persecutors -- no? That is where the real problem lives -- right? Okay, so maybe it's too dangerous to stage a protest in one of those cities. So why not stage a protest in front of the United Nations building in New York, against those regions of the world, and the laws that persecute them? For that matter, why not combine with feminist protesters who have similar grievances against such regions? Why not give the United Nations no rest until reforms are made? That would at least make sense. Unlike their current course of action to protest the home of Catholicism for abuses committed by Islam.

Ah, but you say they protest the Vatican for refusing to condemn Islamic persecution of homosexuals. To which I can only point out that the Vatican has already condemned the killing of homosexuals for any reason. Yet that's not good enough, so it would seem, because what these homosexual protesters really want is to pressure the Vatican into condemning all laws against homosexual behavior entirely, even those that don't call for the death of homosexuals as punishment. Such demands can never be met by authentic Christianity, for the hallmark of Christianity is one of balance between hedonism and zealotry. The Church built Christian civilization, and sustained it, on the Christian principle of condemning the sin but not the sinner, setting the bar high, without persecuting those who can't reach it. This was what made western civilization great, and without it, western civilization must fall.

As Christianity retreats from Europe, Islam makes it's much anticipated advance, while homosexuals help to drive out whatever vestiges of the old religion that remain. In doing so they insure their own demise, and they work to advance the very kind of persecution they currently protest. For when Islam takes Europe, and it eventually will, the old Secular order of Christianity will melt away, and what remains will be Shariah Law. It's a form of governance not particularly noted for it's kind treatment of homosexuals.