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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas! - America's Chastisement Is Here

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  I know it's considered politically incorrect, even socially inappropriate, to deliver bad news so close to the Christmas holy days, but I'm afraid this cannot wait.

America's chastisement has come. God sends it to us because of abortion, and failing to protect the sanctity of human life. It began with 9/11/2001, in which we lost in one day the same amount of people abortion takes from America in one day. In one day God took peace away from America, and delivered us into perpetual war, that has continued non-stop for seven years, with no end in sight.

Now exactly seven years (almost to the month) after we were delivered into war, the second phase of God's chastisement of America has come. In one day all of our economic wealth was gone, with no sign of it returning anytime in the foreseeable future. It's going to get worse people, much worse...

I know this is difficult (perhaps impossible) for people unfamiliar with God's moral law to understand. All of this is linked to abortion-on-demand. All of this is linked to our moral bankruptcy. A nation that does not honor human life cannot by morally responsible in any other area either, and that includes money. Nearly 40 years of fiscal irresponsibility by our federal government, compounded by the fiscal irresponsibility of the people in general, has brought this upon us, and it all begins with abortion. Yes, there is a connection. Yes, things will get worse. Yes, one way or another, Americans will learn to respect human life. Even it it means losing EVERYTHING. God has already taken our peace and our wealth. Within another seven years, our very freedom may be next.